Babies Babies Babies!

I had the BEST time yesterday helping throw my wonderful friend Jessica a baby shower. The food, especially, turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. I am such a poor planner, and since most of the time the ideas I have in my head never actually turn out like I plan, I was pretty darn worried.

I decided to go with something I already knew I could pull off (Key Lime Pie), something I’ve never made and don’t even like to eat so I am safe from temptation (chocolate cupcakes) and some fruit and veggies and a few other munchies. Since we had some gluten allergies in attendance, I made some key lime pie cups with no wheat as well. Look at this goodness!

I got all of these vases at Goodwill! My veggie bouquets are inspired by THIS Pin.

Julie’s wheat free peach tart, and Kristine’s INSANELY GOOD bacon wrapped shrimp. There was also bacon wrapped potatoes with a honey butter sauce. Heavennnn. Wish I would have gotten the recipes before I left.

This is my favorite key lime pie recipe, and I made the cups the same way, but without the graham cracker crust. Very tart and delicious. 

In the background are “watermelon cookies” seen HERE. Super easy                                            way to make fruit look cute.  

The cupcakes I made but never tried. Don’t like chocolate cake. Shame.

We all can’t wait to meet little baby Brown!

Getting some snuggles from baby Xavier. There is no lack of cute babies in my world right now, and I am NOT complaining 😉

I didn’t help with games or decorating at all, and my hat goes off to Julie and Kristine for their efforts. We all had a blast playing “Pin the sperm on the egg” and other awesome games. I even won a plant for winning one of them! Woop!

My iPhoto isn’t cooperating for me to upload pictures of the fun games, but maybe I can get it to work one day. Just picture some VERY anatomically correct sculptures of playdough babies, and some disturbing cut-and-paste images of a baby’s face involving adult features from each parents. Scary…Yet so awesome.

That was definitely enough excitement for me for one day. Time to go veg out and catch some Olympic games. Is everyone else enjoying these as much as me? They are so good.

We’re so excited for the Browns and all the fun baby times coming their way (hopefully very soon!)

5 thoughts on “Babies Babies Babies!

  1. kristine says:

    i’ll give you the recipes… now!
    totally ditched the chipotles in adobo sauce and red pepper flakes bec i dont have any….
    this i followed to the tee…
    had so much fun with you guys too… missed you at church today

    • Caroline says:

      YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Thank you so much for these. They are definitely going in my bookmarks folder. Josh and I are having a total veg-out day. We need to hang out very very soon.

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