Sweet pup

I just have to brag on my dog for a moment

Even though Josh and I don’t have any of our own, Henry has been around kids his entire life. He was born into a big family who breeds GSP’s, with kids tossing puppies around like they were frisbees. Puppies don’t mind all of the attention, though. Our best friends in Portland had a toddler, and then when we moved to Austin all of the people we became close with started having babies soon after we met them.

Let me preface my next statement by saying that my dog is definitely an introvert. He love me and Josh, and tolerates everyone else. He would rather be alone in the backyard than with other dogs at a park. He gets tired around 8pm and excuses himself to the bedroom for some alone time with our mattress. He is an introvert.

Last night, 6 girls came over to our house for a pizza party/nail painting extravaganza. My friend Constance works a lot with some local refugee families, and I’ve been tagging along when I can. I thought it would be fun to have some of the kids over, so we picked them up and took them to my house for a few hours. The girls LOVED Henry. They chased him around the entire night, grabbing his toys out of his mouth, kissing him, hugging him, and all but riding him like a small horse. It was the best.

My sweet dog took it like a champ. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he liked it, but he was simply stood there, gazing at me as if to ask why the heck I was allowing this to happen. I was so proud in that moment to have all the confidence in the world that my dog would never do anything to hurt any of those precious little girls. You gotta appreciate a 65 pound beast who wouldn’t hurt a fly, even if we would much rather be all by himself.









Easy Does It

Mornings are feeling a bit cooler, football scores are spamming my twitter feed, and sweaters are making an appearance in store windows. My favorite season is upon us.

Although nothing could compare to the epic Maine adventure I had last Fall, the next few months are shaping up to be beautiful. Josh and I just finished booking a small cabin in Colorado to spend Christmas in the mountains, and hopefully I won’t spend my entire Autumn season wishing it was December already.

As Summer comes to an end (hold up…wait….yep. Still 100 degrees all week here in Texas) I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items from the past few months. To me, the hot months are all about easy, on the go products that serve multiple purposes. Some of these I discovered recently, others I’ve had or known about. All of them have helped save my life at one point or another this Summer.

Summer 2013

Vera Bradley Hipster purse::Does it all. Dog park, dinner date, travel. Done.

Paul Mitchell awapuhi hydrocream whip::I LOVE this product line. Smells incredible and leaves hair so soft.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson::perfect pee-your-pants-funny Summer read.

Chaco Z/2::I’ve been living in my Z2’s for the past 10 Summers. Great for hiking and swimming, but still pretty enough for every day.

Toms Phoenix tortoise sunglasses::A gift from Julianne last year. Still loving them and wear them every day.

You Rebel tinted moisturizer by Benefit::The best foundation alternative, with SPF to boot! Love this stuff.

Bar Keeper’s Friend countertop cleaner::Changed my cleaning life forever, especially now that I have a porcelain sink. 

Old Navy perfect rib-knit tank::Impulse buy at the beginning of the Summer, but I ended up wearing these almost daily.

Essie hip anema::Ahhhh, orangy red goodness. What could be better?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a beauty product kinda girl. I typically get recommendations from people with similar hair or skin, use what they use, and if I like it I’ll keep it forever until I die or it gets discontinued. If you have any must-try products for Summer, let me know! I’m always up for trying new multi-functional, time-saving gear! Now, on to boots and canned pumpkin and bonfires and I CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!