Today was a really really big day for me. It was, as the saying goes, “the first day of the rest of my life.”

Today was not the start of my journey toward an Occupational Therapy career. ..That actually began 2 years ago when I decided to enroll in community college. But today was the first day I sat in a chair among 20 other students who have been on this exact path, and heard the words, “Here you are. The waiting is over. Now the real learning begins.” No more messing around with classes irrelevant to my career. No more standing out as a star student just for showing up. It’s time for business, and trust me, my professors mean business.

Today I am reminded that change is hard. There is a deep sense of loss when we experience drastic change. Today was a tough day for me as I process letting go of one season and embracing another. It is especially hard to end a season that happened to be the most life-giving and joyful season of my life. But deep down I’ve known that this part of my life is fleeting. I couldn’t stay this free forever if I am to become the person I want to be. The things that make me happiest will have to take a back seat for awhile, but I’ve decided the sacrifice is worth the reward of a career I love. So back to school I go.

I might hate being in school these next two years. Or course I hope to enjoy it, but that isn’t always the case with things we’re called to. I hope everyone will remind me that I don’t have to like it. I am where I am supposed to be, and there is always joy to be found in knowing as much. In two years I’ll come out the other side with tools I need to live out an even more fulfilling, passionate, FUN professional life I have dreamed for myself for years.

Goodbye to sleeping in and lunch dates and babysitting. Hello books and lab practicals and study groups. You are uncomfortable and exciting and a little painful, but I’m sure we will be good friends soon enough.


Here goes nothing!