Marching on.

2016 has been very good to us so far.

My 8 week classes are winding down, and they honestly have been surprisingly manageable compared to the workload over the past year. I’ve been able to enjoy time with my people, babysit a little, watch a little TV (a major luxury around here these past 2 years), and finally find time to enjoy this beautiful city I live in. I’ve really enjoyed this season and feel very grateful for temporary slower pace.

I found out yesterday where my very first level 2 Fieldwork placement is (hoorayyyy!) and could not be more excited at the thought of entering into my last big hurdle between me and graduating in August. I hear amazing things about the facility I’ve been selected for and the therapists I’ll be working under. I will get to put all my current knowledge into action and learn a ton from the clinicians around me. What a crazy ride it has been, and I’m sure will continue to be.

In the meantime, wonderful things have been happening in Austin. Dear friends were married in one of the most beautiful weddings the world has ever seen. There have been birthdays and Valentine’s Day celebrations and incredible weather and it makes me feel like Spring is already here.


Josh has been away in Ireland the past week on a father/son adventure exploring his dad’s birthplace and heritage. ( I know..SO cool.) I have been missing him for sure, but more than that I have just been giddy at the thought of him and his dad romping around a foreign country together making incredible memories. It makes me want to do that with my dear old dad…**dad if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to buy us an epic trip together anytime  😉


The host of a podcast I’ve been listening to always asks her guests, “What are 3 things you’re loving” to end the show, so in the spirit of copying people I’m going to share the same.

  1. Smoothies. Can’t get enough of them right now, especially with all this sunshine and a Juiceland right down the street.
  2. My house. While this place has fluctuated between being my safe-haven and the bane of my existence, lately I have been so grateful for this little house and the peace I have here after a long day. It sure has been quiet around here, but it has been a good counterbalance to finals week.
  3. Yard work. Since Josh has left, I have been super into working in the yard. I think my brain needed a mindless task involving physical labor and sunshine to keep me sane this past week. No one ever told me digging holes in the yard could bring so much satisfaction.

What are you loving right now??

Happy weekend to you all!