So much love

You may have noticed I’ve been avoiding the blog world for a few weeks. Well, something great happened a few weeks ago on August 24th. My sister had a little baby girl. I’ve gotten to spend a week in Georgia with them since then, and I’m just completely lacking words to express how I feel about this little life that is now in the world. Maybe now that I have this down and threw some pictures on the site, my mind will be less cluttered with all the wonderful things I want to say about spending a week with my family, and I can move on with my blog life. Here’s to hoping…


                                                         She is one beautiful baby.

                         Me and my sister, who happens to be the best mom in the world.

And my sweet cousin even made the trip up from Birmingham to see us. What a treat 🙂

Welcome to the family, Lucie Olivia Nichols. I love you and am so blessed to be able to play the part of “aunt that spoils me” in your life. You are so beautiful.  Wow, what a life!