Little treasures

We just finished studying the book of James at BSF. I don’t think I’ve ever had a week where I’ve felt more aware of my own selfishness and pride. Wanting what I don’t have is truly the root of every ridiculous argument I have, as well as all those moments in the car cursing the person who just cut me off. All of it needs to go. Bye bye selfishness. I have a love/hate relationship with my new found self awareness, and frankly I have been mortified by my behavior and attitudes lately. I just need Jesus…But who doesn’t? I find it such a gift, though, that God would invest in my every day life enough to want to help me care about things that really matter. He is awesome.

Henry and I go on hikes most mornings so I can clear my head and so Henry can clear his bowels. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Today we were about 2 miles in when we found the coolest tree ever. In the middle of a clearing there was a huuuuge (oak?) tree with beautiful low curvy limbs perfect for climbing. Hanging from all the limbs were hundreds of bottles and votives that someone tied up. I couldn’t get a great picture of the whole tree, but I got a clear shot of just one of the many branches covered in bottles. It was really really neat. I want to go put tea lights into all of them one night…But that would involve hiking 2 miles in the dark so never mind.

Anyway, all that was to say that I am working on being less of a terrible person and do not deserve the little things God brings into my life. Like dried pineapple and hikes in the woods and hugs from a loving husband. Hope you find treasure today.




Spring in Austin has proved to be very busy, very very hot, and filled with tons of great times with people we love.

Josh and I are blown away lately at how blessed we are with our friendships. Twice in the past month we have had people visit us from far away places. At the end of March we were lucky enough to host our wonderful friends Josh and Becky and their sweet boys luke and Noah. These 4 were our closest and dearest friends while we lived in Portland, and the fact that they drove 9 hours from Stillwater, Oklahoma with 2 rambunctious toddlers says a lot about how great of friends they are. Seriously, who does that? I can’t say enough good things about this family and what they mean to me. I have learned so much from them since we met 3 years ago, and it was such a blessing to have them in Austin.

Me and Becky on our girls date to Lake Travis

All of us at Torchy's

Some of my favorite people in the world


A few days after the Taylors were here I got to spend a few days in Florida with my family. It was pretty unbelievable that my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Brother in law, and Niece were all in the same place at the same time. Sweet little Lucie had grown so much since I saw her last. I wish I could see her every day as she grows and learns, but I’ll take what I can get. Auntie Lyly sure does love that Lucie bear!

Sweetest baby in the world

Everybody loves Lucie

Great grandma "Memo" enjoying over-sized baby love

Love my sista!

This post is getting way too long, but after THAT trip, my bestest friend from high school/college roommate/wife of my husband’s best friend came to visit! Juju and Daniel, affectionately known to Josh and I as “Danju” flew into town on Josh’s birthday April 12th. Having them here was the PERFECT gift for Josh. What was not-so-perfect was the fact that our poor car broke down on the way home from fetching our friends from the airport.

So here is our car. Unable to make it home. 8:00 at night on Josh’s birthday at a gas station waiting for the tow truck.

Thanks to a trusty friend saving our butts that night, everything worked out great and nothing else went too wrong for the rest of the time they were here. We ate. A lot. Which is apparently all that I ever do when people come to visit us.

Boys at BBQ

Me & Juju

Doughnuts @ Gourdoughs. Tastes like heaven.

Torchy's tacos. Tastes as good as it looks!

Cody's and Baily's reunited at last

I love those guys! All is right with the world when I am with Juju. She just gets me.

How’s that for a photo update? I think things are finally slowing down a little bit after the month of craziness. If I can just make it through my birthday in a week, things should be officially back to normal. Poooor me. I don’t even know if I can TAKE having a birthday after all this. Ok I lie. 😉

Have a great rest of April people! Maybe one day I’ll post some less personal, more practical advice or crafty project or something. But probably not because I’m really bad at stuff like that. Sorry!