crazy. dog. lady.

This crazy dog lady can’t stop taking pictures of her crazier dog! Someone please stop the madness! 







Oh, and just in case you were wondering how Texas dogs stay warm in these FRIGID 40 degree temperatures…





I am a recovering hoarder. I would probably say that I’m definitely all-the-way recovered by now actually. I owe that to my husband. He throws away/recycles/donates EVERYTHING and has helped me learn to channel my desire to keep “treasures” (as I like to call them) into a love for finding them new homes. I still keep giant boxes (yes, plural) of ridiculous things I can’t get rid of, like old movie stubs from our dating years of high school and the many many many letters Josh and I have written to each other over the years. But in general I’m much happier giving away stuff nowadays. I was pretty quickly broken of my bad habits back in 2009 when Josh came to me one day and said “Hey honey. We’re moving to Portland and not bringing anything but a car load of stuff, so figure out what’s really really important to you and pack it up!” Those are words that a hoarder never ever wants to hear.

Getting rid of stuff is so liberating. After the tears and the arguing subsided, I actually found so much joy in selling basically every possession and moving across the country (though I don’t recommend selling everything, since we ended up having to buy everything we needed once we got to Portland. Forgot about that part. Oops.) I’ve been doing a lot of organizing and cleaning and purging this week, being the new year and all. I figure that since I have absolutely zero motivation in the “get in shape for 2013” category, I should probably find something to make me feel like I’m off to a productive start. That, and we simply didn’t have room in our apartment for all the new stuff we brought home with us from Georgia. Oh the joys of apartment living.

I think it is good to make yourself let go of things on a regular basis. There’s something profound that happens in me when I recognize that something I’ve been holding on to is just clutter, and I take a deep breath and trust that God is the one who ultimately provides for me, and my death grip on earthly items does me no good. So I say hello Goodwill and goodbye sweet tea maker from 2 christmases ago.

I’m still learning how to get better at the whole organization thing. Step 1 is getting all your junk down to a manageable level. Done. Ok then Step 2 is something like…rearrange the stuff that’s left into well-labeled spaces and possibly keep an alphabetical logbook of some sort as if your house is a library? Who knows. But this week I found my inspiration. I found a blog ALL about organization. Sorry if this totally isn’t your thing, but it sure got my motor runnin, if you know what I’m sayin.

The site is called A Bowl Full of Lemons.  This chick rocks. And even though it’s ridiculous to think you can be in perfect control of your life, it is so nice to daydream about such ambitions.

like this office. **drools on keyboard**


Or this pantry. **mouth still hanging open**


You get the picture. She’s a genius.

So if you don’t mind, I have about 12 years of work to do to feel good about myself again. Sorta kidding. Happy organizing!