Summer misfortunes.

As the title of this post implies, it has been quite a misfortunate summer for Josh and I. Never have I looked forward to a different season so much in my life, and the only real reason for that is because nothing else could possibly go wrong in the past 2-3 months.

If you’ve read some of my posts the past couple months, I’ve mentioned a few big setbacks we’ve had in the Cody home. The death of my mother-in-law certainly made its giant mark. Then our dog Henry had a bad infection on his stomach. Then the car broke down. Then Josh needed an emergency dental procedure that wasn’t covered by insurance. THEN Henry was impaled by rebar in the lake and needed like 50 stitches…The list goes on.

Our latest mishaps was earlier this week when I knocked over a glass of water onto my computer. Bye bye Macbook. Even after Josh did all he could to try and dry it out for a couple days, it still wouldn’t turn on. The timing was perfect, too, since I started school on Tuesday at Austin Community College and had a paper due the next morning. Wow. Don’t even know what else to say about the situation.

All that just to say…C’MON FALL!!

I know it’s only been a few days, but I am really really loving being back in school. The story of why I dropped out back in 2007 is complicated, but it mainly had to do with both a lack of direction in life and a very low self esteem. But now it is 1012 and I finally feel like I APPRECIATE the value of learning and setting goals. I have an incredible support system around me of friends and family who constantly encourage, and I am so ready to be making a little bit more money and hopefully have a career that I love and am proud of.

Henry doesn’t really like this whole studying thing too much, though. Go figure.

A big reason for going back to school is so I can work part time once my future kids are in school. My sister is an amazing Mommy, and she been one of the people who have helped me realize lately that working outside the home can be a really good thing when you have a family. The more I learn about myself, the more I think I will genuinely crave that outside world interaction when I’m a mommy. And if I’m going to want to work, I should definitely work toward a career that will make it worth my time away from home.

I chose Occupational Therapy Assistance because it will only take me about 2 years to finish school, and it is a really flexible, with many part time opportunities if that’s what I want down the road. I also love the idea of having a super hands on job helping people who undoubtably need a lot of care and love.

Speaking of my sister…Her baby girl Lucie turned ONE last week. The absolute love of my life Lucie Olivia Nichols. I couldn’t be there for her birthday, so Josh and I made a silly little video for her 🙂

Man, I love that girl.

Happy long weekend, guys!! Enjoy the end to your Summer! (WOOHOO NO MORE SUMMER!!)


This guy…


This guy can’t stay out of trouble.

He turned 2 years old in July and here is what he has put us through.

1. Neutering. (The only surgery a dog should ever have to have.)

2. Hernia surgery, which later got infected and he spent a month wearing a cone of shame.

3. Many many many ear infections.

4. A dog at daycare bit through his foot and he had to get stitches. Another 3 weeks in the cone.

5. We can’t forget the day he got hit by a car…Horrifying.

His latest stunt was when we were at the lake downtown last Friday morning. I take him there most days to swim some of his energy away. I threw the ball into the water, watched him take a giant leap over a bush on the shore, land, and start panicking. I wasn’t sure what happened, but it looked like he was somehow stuck in the water, trying to free himself to swim back to me. He was yelping bloody murder, and as soon as I started heading into the lake to figure out what happened, another dog bolted in and started trying to wrestle/fight with Henry. This exchange was quick, and apparently freed him from whatever he was caught on.

When I got him out of the water a small crowd was gathered from all the commotion, and we all looked him up and down to try and figure out what hurt him in the water. All that remained was 2 gashes on his side. I figured he had just gotten cut on a rock that was hidden in the murky lake, but could see they were very deep cuts, so we headed to the vet.

The doctor gave him a good look-over, and concluded that she would need to keep him for the day and stitch him up. No big deal. I wasn’t worried at all. The 2 gashes really didn’t look that bad. So I went home and waited around (luckily I had literally nothing to do that day…) and got a call about 6 hours later to come by and pick him up.

Here’s how it went down when I got there.

Vet: “Ummm Mrs. Cody…About Henry. I have some news.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Vet: “Henry’s injury was worse than we thought. As I was stitching him up I found that the two puncture wounds in his side were connected underneath the skin.”

Me: “So…you mean something in the water went all the way through his skin and out again?”

Vet: “That, and he now looks like Frankenstein with all the stitches I had to give him after I cut and cleaned the wound”

Me: “Awesome.”

Poor little buddy was in the worst pain I have EVER seen him in (even more so than 5 aforementioned times in which he has almost died) He would barely walk around, he was up crying all night because he kept accidentally laying on the side of his body that was hurt, and he refused to go to the bathroom for like 2 days because it required too much effort.

The picture above is when we brought him home. If you look closely you can see how long the area is that is stitched up. And not to mention the heartbreaking, pathetic look in his eye.

So fast forward 5 days…Henry has been wearing a t-shirt of mine to cover the area, AND his best friend the cone of shame to keep him from tearing any of the stitches out. But lo and behold, no obstacle is too great for the mighty Henry, because he STILL managed to tear some stitches by rubbing his side against our furniture.


So here’s the boy. Back in the Vet waiting room. But can you tell he has some energy back? 4 staples later, and a LOT of pain killers (to “take the edge off” aka knock him out) we’re home again, and wondering what will be next with this crazy dog we call Henry boy.

The End.

Actually, not really even close to the end. But I’m at least praying for an end to our monthly vet emergencies.

The running dilemma.

Once upon a time, about 6 months ago, I was on SUCH a roll with my running routine. Never in my life had I enjoyed  the treadmill, and here I was spending almost every early evening with the thing. It was glorious. I would nanny from 8-5, pick up Henry from daycare, drop him off at home, hit up the apartment workout room, and was home right before Josh walked in the door. Perfecto!

When the time came for me to leave my full-time nanny job for something less time-consuming, naturally I thought this change would amp up my running to a new level.

I was wrong. (Shocker!)

It has been so much more difficult to nail down an exercise schedule now that my work/social/home life is no longer on such a set schedule.

Now adays, I take my dog Henry on a hike or to the lake in the mornings from about 10-11:30 (sometimes it varies) and by the time I get out of the 100+ degree Texas heat, I am absolutely drained. The last thing I want to do after chucking a ball for an hour in the sun is throw on my Brooks and head back out the door. But if I miss the afternoon window of opportunity, I’m pretty much done for the day since I work most afternoon/evenings.

Henry gets pretty tired on our outings too. Sometimes I have to put a cold wet towel on his head afterward. It’s to save his life. Definitely not just because I think it looks cute.

I decided this week that my ONLY option for maintaining a regular running schedule is…(gag)…mornings. I hate mornings. But I had to try, so I went and attempted a decent work out from 8-9 am on monday before Josh left for work.

It. Was. Horrible.

I thought “Oh, how nice it will be to start the day off doing something I’m proud of and makes me feel good!” Definitely not the case. All I felt afterward was shame and disappointment. I was half asleep and my body felt like it weighed a zillion pounds. Anyone walking by would have laughed and asked if I needed help. It was ugly.

I guess what I am trying to ask is if anyone else has found running in the morning to be a nightmare. Does it get better? 2 things are for sure. I am not a morning person, and I am NOT NOT NOT competitive in the least, so the whole self motivation thing is a huge struggle. HELP PLEASE! I would really like to set big running goals and make some progress here, but at this rate, the dog is the only one enjoying the satisfaction of burnt calories.

**side note: Running WITH my dog is something that sounds like the perfect solution, but ends in tears because this heat makes me crazy, and Henry pulls on the leash so much I curse at him loudly and sometimes throw him off a bridge.

Any and all input will be appreciated, unless it has to do with how my thighs rub together when I walk. Working on it!

Babies Babies Babies!

I had the BEST time yesterday helping throw my wonderful friend Jessica a baby shower. The food, especially, turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. I am such a poor planner, and since most of the time the ideas I have in my head never actually turn out like I plan, I was pretty darn worried.

I decided to go with something I already knew I could pull off (Key Lime Pie), something I’ve never made and don’t even like to eat so I am safe from temptation (chocolate cupcakes) and some fruit and veggies and a few other munchies. Since we had some gluten allergies in attendance, I made some key lime pie cups with no wheat as well. Look at this goodness!

I got all of these vases at Goodwill! My veggie bouquets are inspired by THIS Pin.

Julie’s wheat free peach tart, and Kristine’s INSANELY GOOD bacon wrapped shrimp. There was also bacon wrapped potatoes with a honey butter sauce. Heavennnn. Wish I would have gotten the recipes before I left.

This is my favorite key lime pie recipe, and I made the cups the same way, but without the graham cracker crust. Very tart and delicious. 

In the background are “watermelon cookies” seen HERE. Super easy                                            way to make fruit look cute.  

The cupcakes I made but never tried. Don’t like chocolate cake. Shame.

We all can’t wait to meet little baby Brown!

Getting some snuggles from baby Xavier. There is no lack of cute babies in my world right now, and I am NOT complaining 😉

I didn’t help with games or decorating at all, and my hat goes off to Julie and Kristine for their efforts. We all had a blast playing “Pin the sperm on the egg” and other awesome games. I even won a plant for winning one of them! Woop!

My iPhoto isn’t cooperating for me to upload pictures of the fun games, but maybe I can get it to work one day. Just picture some VERY anatomically correct sculptures of playdough babies, and some disturbing cut-and-paste images of a baby’s face involving adult features from each parents. Scary…Yet so awesome.

That was definitely enough excitement for me for one day. Time to go veg out and catch some Olympic games. Is everyone else enjoying these as much as me? They are so good.

We’re so excited for the Browns and all the fun baby times coming their way (hopefully very soon!)