Seasons of learning.


I just wanted to stick my head above water for a moment to reflect on my second semester in OTA school. Partly for the therapeutic value, and partly because I am avoiding studying for my Pathophysiology midterm.

Can I just say, health science programs are CRAZY?? Every one of you should give a huge hug to anyone wearing scrubs or a white coat the next time you see one and congratulate them for surviving school. I am completely entrenched in a world where it is physically impossible to feel caught up. My 4 classes are individually the hardest I’ve ever had, and together make for the craziest semester of my life by a long shot.

My schedule is currently as follows:

Monday through Thursday I’m in class from like 8-5. Afterward I read, I cram, I do projects, and fall asleep with textbooks in my lap. My weekends are completely taken over with studying, yet I still always feel behind. I miss my dog and I miss my husband and I sure as heck miss my social life.

Thankfully, though, this path I’m on feels more like a calling every single day. The more I learn about Occupational Therapy, the further confirmation I get that I’m where I need to be.

So, in case you don’t know what OT is, here is a little summary.

OT is a type of therapy that exists to help people engage in what is meaningful to them. It is completely centered around the individual, their goals, desires, and strengths. It exists in so many different fields, from schools to hospitals to people’s homes. But the underlying assumption is that people are not their illness, people are capable of incredible things, and if you engage someone in activities that mean something to them, their life and health will improve dramatically.

If I make it through this program (yea, if…) I will get the privilege of spending my days collaborating with people of all levels of functioning to tap into what makes them unique, and using that to help them achieve wellness. I LOVE the variety in this profession and can never see myself bored. Because we work with people, there is an infinite amount of knowledge to be gained. I will always have more to know, more room to grow, and more opportunities to be moved by the strength of the human spirit. I really really love this profession.

The variety, though, is also the part that makes school so hard. Everyone is different. Every abnormality, every body structure, every motivator, every outlook on the world…Different. My school days are centered around learning every single thing I can about human development, how the body works (normally and abnormally), diseases, injuries, group dynamics, activities that can be used as therapy, how to assess someone for deficits, and everything in between. It is overwhelming to say the least.

All in all, I am stressed but happy. I am overwhelmed but fulfilled. I am doubtful I can finish, but excited for the day I can do this stuff for real.




Can you tell someone is totally deprived of mommy time? Poor buddy.

Hope everyone’s weeks are filled with activities that bring joy and fulfillment and hope, no matter how much pain it might bring in the process.