Well, we’ve made our decision.

Portland it is.

On July 31st, Josh and I will head off into the great unknown.

Unknown because neither Josh nor I have ever been to the state of Oregon. Unknown because we’ve only ever traveled across 4 consecutive states before (in a car) in our lives.  And, what would have been the biggest challenge of all-a 45 pound, hyperactive puppy in a Mitsubishi Montero Sport for an entire month..

That’s why we’ve made one of the hardest choices of our lives and decided to re-home our beloved English Pointer. It is what was going to be best for us, and for once in…a lot of months…we had to decide to be selfish. This journey means everything to us and there’s no way we can afford a house with a fence once we get there. It’ll only get harder from here without him, but we have to make hard decisions sometimes.

One thing I can be sure of during these times of hard transition, and that is the incredible, deep, amazing, powerful Word of God.  He knows just how to comfort when my world seems to be falling apart.