4 years, 4 states, 4 eyes.

It was me and Josh’s anniversary yesterday! 4 years, baby.

Here is us about 15 years ago.

And here we are 4 years ago.

Still weirdos, just maybe looking a little less like social outcasts.

I am so incredibly glad I committed to love this man forever. He is all the good things about this world rolled into one wonderful person. I may have been 19 when he asked me to marry him, but I look back in awe at the sheer brilliance of my “Yes” response. What a great decision. 4 years, 4 states, and a lot of laughs later…Here we are. And I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for the Codys.

Laters Ya’ll


A Mom Apart

My sister Christie has a very awesome Mommy blog. I just found it. She hides things from me, but I always find out her secrets. Mwahahah


Seriously though, she is a fantastic writer and an AWESOME mommy to my niece Lucie. I have my mental pen and paper out taking notes whenever I’m around those two.

Sorry to rat you out, sis! Your blog is too sweet to not be shared 🙂

This week was one of the most stressful ones in a long long time.

It started with my being excited about working at NEG summer camp Monday through Friday because the family I nanny for was on vacation. It’s fun to change things up every once in awhile 🙂

Then the car broke down. Our only car. The one we just paid off last month. The one that we just got 2 years ago. Anyway…

Thank God our wonderful friend Philip let us borrow his truck while our’s got major surgery. But all the driving around plus working plus Obama being in town and causing the interstate to be shut down almost gave me a heart attack. Anyway, 2 new axels, a new battery, a transmission flush, and an alignment later, the Suburu is back in our care. If our car was a person, I would have beat him up at this point. Stupid car.

Then came the news about Josh’s tooth. Well, you see, half of it is missing. He has such a serious cavity that the dentist had to remove a huge chunk of the tooth itself. Turns out he either needs an overlay (whatever that is) or a crown.

Then came the news that our dental insurance won’t pay for any of this for some strange reason. This brought on a whole new level of stress to my week that has truly tested my trust in God and his provision. Why do things all have to happen at once? I may never know.

On top of all of this, I’ve been trying to enroll at the local community college, which is another blog post altogether, but that added another layer to the madness.

There were many blessings this week too. Since we were having to run around like town taking care of all of our errands, Josh and I got to spend a lot of extra time together. This was unexpected and nice. We even snuck in a mid-week lunch date, which is very rare. Summer camp was SUPER chaotic and fun and kept me laughing at all the elementary aged shenanigans. And although I questioned my judgement in planning some get-togethers with friends during this exhausting past few days, I always seem to find so much rest and comfort in the presence of the wonderful people God’s put in our lives.

So after the longest week ever, Josh and I found ourselves totally sleep deprived and just wanting some good quality time together. Luckily, our ole friend Sam Beam of the band Iron and Wine was playing a show friday night. We’ve been wanting to see them for years, and we were so excited when we finally got the opportunity to see him play live. What a fun night.

Such a crummy photo. Oh well

Overall, this Summer has been absolutely indescribably crazy, but also so sweet. I think I’ll look back on this season and not know exactly whether to smile or roll my eyes. It will be over before we know it…and then we’ll have to deal with whatever insanity the fall has to offer. Siiiiiigh, life.

To end on a funny note, Henry’s being ROCKING his training. Here’s a picture of him showing off his “leave it” skill. Notice that there is one treat on each of his paws and one on each side of him. What a good boy!

Birthday Brigitte

2 of my very favorite things in the world are Lake Martin in Alabama and my grandmother Brigitte Patterson. I was lucky enough this past weekend to get to party the day away with my family at my parents’ lake house on the MOST BEAUTIFUL LAKE IN THE SOUTH my friends. I have missed that place so much since we moved away from Georgia.

My Grandma is awesome. She is German, which I guess makes me German too. She left home and came to America all by herself when she was 20, which to me is so terrifying. I’m grateful she had the courage to make such an incredible life for herself here. She’s strong, independent, funny, and has all kinds of amazing stories about being in Germany during World War 2 and what life was like as a immigrant. She turned 80 years old on Sunday, and has a big, loving family to show for it. We all love our “Memo” so much and had a blast celebrating her life.

Second cousins Lucie and June

One of the best places on earth

My sister and her family

Birthday girl!!

So much good food!

Maya and the boys

Memo with her newest Great-Grandbaby

Now THAT’S a birthday cake!

Me and Memo enjoying our evening on Dad’s boat

Captain Patterson, my ever-handsome Dad

Memo with her 2 kiddos

My cousin Rosie and her baby Briggs

Cousins and my niece Lucie

I am so lucky to have these people in my life. I wish Josh could have been with me, but he was sweet enough to stay home with Henry so we didn’t have to spend a bunch of money on boarding.

Last week we started out operation whip-henry’s-ass-into-shape with his new shock collar and some help from a trainer. Stay tuned for how it turns out. If it doesn’t work, you may be seeing a certain spotted pup on craigslist in the near future. (Sort of kidding?)

Have a wonderful Friday the 13th folks!

Jester king and queen

What a fun weekend in the heart of Texas.

Josh and I drove out to Jester King Brewery on Saturday for their weekly beer tasting and brewery tour. I didn’t know what to expect because I knew so little about the company, but Jester King and the owners who gave the tour completely exceeded my expectations. They are the COOLEST company! If you’re ever in need of a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday in Austin, grab some friends and head out to Jester King. It was only $10 per person to get in, which got you a cool beer glass and SIX…(yes i said six) glasses of whatever masterfully crafted farmhouse ale they had on draft that weekend. It was so fascinating and inspiring to hear the story of a couple of brothers who are so passionate about their skill and the lengths they go to to make their drinks such a unique experience to taste.

Here’s what they had available for “tasting” (much more than a taste if you ask me) yesterday.

…And Josh who was kind of in heaven. With his hammer?

Feeling a little ridiculous…

Bottoms up!

Touring the super cool barrel room where they age the beer

I love living in a city with endless things to do, and truly passionate people who care SO much about whatever they devote their lives to.

Kinda makes you wanna pop open a cold one, huh? Happy 4th of july week everyone!