Decking the Halls

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Time for Douglas Firs.

And space heaters

And snuggling.

And new toys.

And decorations that are too big to fit in our tiny home.

OH, and how could I forget RAIN??


Yeah, the rain has started again. I am trying not to use this awful weather as an excuse for being negative, but it’s been quite a battle. God’s definitely been showing me how bad my attitude has been lately. I hate that I’ve become “that girl” who puts a negative spin on everything, but I am so thankful that God cares enough about me to point out ways I can be better.

So now for a quick update on the life of the other 2 Cody’s

Josh: Still loving his job at Spectrum. He got to go to a conference in San Francisco last month, and he’ll be going to Montreal at the end of the month for another business trip. Tough life, tough life. Also, he’s going to get some awesome Christmas presents next week from his loving wife.

Henry: Spends his days sleeping by his space heater named Shirley, playing with his frisbee, and running around at the dog park. He recently started taking classes on Thursday nights at “Happy Go Lucky Pets” and is at the top of his obedience class. He brings a lot of laughter to the Cody home, that’s for sure.

I got the blessing of spending a weekend in Georgia with my family last month before Thanksgiving too. I absolutely don’t see them enough, but living so far away definitely makes every minute I have with my family so special. I can’t wait until March when I’ll be “home” for a week for a friend’s wedding. I have the best family in the world!! The ones here in Portland and all the way across the country.

Merry Christmas everyone! Much love!