Beautiful things.

I’m not perfect. Life’s never perfect. Far from it, in fact…But I must say that God’s been helping me see a lot of beautiful things around me lately.
Most days at 8:30am and 6:30pm I am driving across the Columbia River on my way to work. On one side of me there is a huge, snow-capped mountain that never ceases to stun me. Above me there are always beautiful clouds. On especially good days the sky looks like a giant puzzle that doesn’t quite fit together while light beams shine through each of the cracks. And below me a beautiful river flowing with sparkly water from the sun rising/setting.

I wish I had a camera attached to my car during these moments.

There are also many beautiful moments in my life that involve being cuddled up in a bed with Josh and our puppy Henry and laughing hysterical at the ridiculous things he does.

I love our life here and our family. I love the relationships that we’re building and the fact that so many people from across the country still care about us enough to check up every now and then. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing joy into our lives!


Hello again.

Okay I’m a terrible blogger. Forgive me.

Life is absolutely crazy. Here goes nothin…

So we got a puppy. His name is Henry and he’s the cutest, most lovable little guy in the whole world. We’ve waited months and months for a German Shorthaired Pointer pup, and it was well worth the wait. Here’s our newest addition.

Cute, huh?  He has pretty much doubled in size since these pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago, and his energy level has grown at an even faster pace. Yikes.

So in short, the past few weeks have been a pretty crazy adjustment in the Cody home. My house hasn’t felt clean since we got the dog…maybe because he likes to step in his own poop in the yard and make little brown footprints all over the hardwood floors. Or maybe because there’s always little white fuzzy pieces of our ONE rug spread out alllll over the rest of the house because henry likes to eat carpets. The whole up-and-atum at 6am thing is a tough one as well…But either way, he brings us so much joy and laughter and it’s going to be so fun seeing him grow into a sweet (giant) spotted pooch.

I had recently thought to myself “Hey, I think I’m over this whole missing Georgia thing!”. But then my Mom came to visit me last weekend and I remembered that it’s not Georgia that I actually miss. I had a lot of fun with her, and it was so fun to see her bond with Henry. I will admit, though, that her departure was not an easy pill for me to swallow. My co-workers catching me teary-eyed in the break room will attest to the fact that I’ve been in a rut ever since she left.

*If you read this, Mom, it’s not your fault!

I guess it just goes to show you that these things happen and if I’m going to get through this crazy season of life I need to place all my hope in the One who is totally consistent and not subject to the roller-coaster rides that the rest of us are on.

I never thought that life would catch up with me in Portland. I never thought my life would move at the pace that it did before we moved. Man, was I wrong. It took almost a year, but life is finally back to being the crazy, busy, whirlwind that I’ve missed. It’s bittersweet to think of how much less “lounging in PJ’s”  time we have now, but I truly am thankful that God’s given us the relationships in this city to fill our minutes with great conversations and such sweet times.

Phew, what a crazy couple weeks. Thanks for getting me through them, Jesus 🙂

Love you friends!