The Perfect Austin Weekend

In case anyone was planning on visiting central Texas, I would like to educate you on what the perfect weekend in Austin is like. Because I lived it. Last weekend. Booya.

So it starts out with having 2 of your girlfriends fly into town. (Lisa and Lauren are good ones, if you can’t find your own) THEN,

1. You begin the food binge at Chuy’s. Tex Mex heaven. If you want to have a margarita or two, no one here will judge you. Just sayin.

2. If you’re into really unique, dare-I-say weird bars and you’re not quite ready to hit the sack after filling yourself with tacos, there is a really neat little bar downtown called Eastside Showroom that I would have to recommend. It’s a 1920’s themed bar with black and white movies playing. Makes you want to put on a feathery headband and go learn the Charleston. Not to mention the drinks were pretty crazy. Here’s one that lisa drank. Mine looked pretty boring in comparison.

3. After a good night’s sleep it’s time to get a nice walk in along Ladybird Lake. (This is my dog Henry’s personal favorite activity) Great views of downtown, and afterward the Austin Farmer’s Market is a few blocks away if you feel like checking out some local produce.

Here’s Henry showing us his favorite spot. Hey Henry!

Don’t forget to snap a shot next to the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue while you’re there! I still don’t know who he is…oops.

4. I can’t believe I forgot to mention breakfast tacos!!! Pair them with some locally made Sweet Leaf tea, and you have yet another Tex Mex miracle.

5. Clearly you still must be hungry after all this. We certainly were. So we stopped by the best burger restaurant in the state-nay, the world. Hopdoddy. A giant picture of Willie Nelson was smiling down on us as we feasted. Total perfection.

6. Barton Springs. A local swimming hole with water that is naturally replenished and spring-fed. If you don’t go here, you will get made fun of. But be prepared for FREEZING cold water, even when it’s been 105 degrees for the past 10 days.

7. A trip to Austin is not complete without a night out on 6th street. There are 57 bars lined up in a row for you to choose between. Most of them are themed and many have rooftop areas to people-watch from. Lisa and Lauren kept this grandma out until 2am and I am still feeling tired a week later. Waaaaa. (this is a horrible picture, but you can use your imagination)

8. The last thing you must do here is rent paddleboards or kayaks and see the city by water. There are hundreds of people on the lake any given day, and it was so fun to finally be in on the fun. When I win the lottery I don’t play, I’m definitely buying a paddleboard.

If you want to eat frozen chocolate covered bananas or bbq at Green Mesquite or shop at some cute boutiques you can do so, but I figure this post got out of control and I should stop before I actually type out every second that was spent of my perfect weekend. I am so glad lauren and lisa made the trip out here from Atlanta and Iowa and I’m so grateful that they gave me an excuse to go do all the things I’ve been wanting to do here. I’m gonna miss those guys, and I know Henry will too 🙂

Hope this convinced people to come visit us. Totally not desperate or anything,  but…It’s freaking lonely out here!

See you soon I hope!