Good Eats

So Portland may be dreary, cold, and wet…but one thing it has going for it is the food. I could seriously write 5 posts a day just about my infatuation with all there is to eat in this city, but I’ll spare you and just do one every once in awhile.

Tonight’s meal was from a little place called Country Cat in Southeast Portland. I had bacon-wrapped trout over spring veggies with an amazing cocktail inspired by sweet tea. I was proud of myself for eating fish with the head still on it!

This city has been very good to us. (again, despite what’s being called “the coldest, rainiest month of May in decades”) There have been some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen lately, we’re starting too look at cute little rental houses to move into this summer, we have made some of best friendships out here. Yeah, life is good. And I’ll end this post with a quote from good ole’ Chris Ledoux.

“But if they ever saw a sunrise (or sunset) on a mountain mornin’ (or evening)
Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by
They’d know why I live beneath these Western Skies”


I’m Back!

Okay, so I’ll confess that I love reading blogs, but get into the bad habit of neglecting my own.
I am currently reading a book called The Artist Way, and one of the goals I have set for myself to stay healthy in the creativity department is to keep up with this darn thing.

It has been raining here since November, and lately it’s been so depressing and cold that I haven’t been motivated to do anything…let alone the things that people do when they’re in fun moods-like blog.

My best friend came to visit me over the weekend. I loved every minute of our time together…eating ALOT. Staying up until 2am gabbing. Driving around aimlessly in the city. We also took a lot of great pictures, but for some reason my memory card decided to crap out on me after they left and I’m in the process of trying to recover my priceless pictures off the thing. I might cry if they’re gone forever.

More to come later, but for now let’s all bow our heads and say a little prayer that the rain stops soon. Sound good?

Much love guys!