Been awhile, eh?

I officially survived my first HALF of my first semester of OTA school. It has been some of the craziest, most exciting, most terrifying seasons of my life. I have been struggling with how to describe this roller-coaster of an experience, but I’m afraid my writing skills just fall short. You’ll just have to trust me that every single day since this all started has been extremely dramatic in some way or another. And just be glad my writing can’t capture it all because I don’t think the world is ready to be inside the head of 26 year old crazy person who goes back to college. It isn’t pretty.

Since this semester is my least arduous one compared to the next 5, Josh and I decided to try to fit in a couple of weekend trips to see family we haven’t seen in quite awhile. First up was my extended family who all live in a tiny town called Casstown, Ohio. We saw my grandmother, aunts, uncle, cousins, second cousins, and TONS AND TONS of livestock. Did I mention I come from a family of farmers? Well, unfortunately the green thumb didn’t exactly get passed down, but the joy I get from being around animals certainly runs in the family. I loved having Josh there with me. This was his first trip to Ohio, and hopefully not his last…Though after getting peed on by a baby pig, I wouldn’t blame him for staying far away in the future 😉








It was such a blessing to get to see Josh and my Grandmother together. He sure has a way with older women. 🙂

Last week right after my last midterm at school Josh and I drove straight to the airport and hopped on a flight to Boston to see his side of the family. Josh’s dad got married last summer and he and his wife bought the most beautiful home on an island off the Massachusetts coast called Nahant. Their house is a 5 minute walk from the beach, and the weather could not have been more perfect. Fresh ocean air was exactly what my soul needed after a long week of exams. Man, was it gorgeous…











Since Fall hasn’t exactly made it to Austin yet, I was kind of obsessing over the pretty leaves everywhere. I always forget how ugly Texas is until I go somewhere pretty. Maybe I should stop traveling. Or maybe Texas should get her act together.

Well that’s all for now, unless you really truly want to see pictures of my rolling backpack or khaki pants I wear as a uniform. On second thought, I will spare you the horror.

I wish you all the happiness that Autumn has to offer and all the red and orange leaves not found in my part of the world. If anyone has a minute, please remind me what needing a jacket feels like.