Looking back.

2 weeks off of school is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Maybe slightly dramatic, but it seriously feels incredible.

The second semester of my program is now in the rear-view, and I can actually say I really enjoyed it. Sure, it was mixed with many panicked moments and tears and frustration. Not a day went by when I didn’t question my ability to succeed in passing my classes. By all of the striving was so worth it in the end.

This program has taught me so much more than what is written in textbooks. The experience has been one of the most transformative ones of my life so far, and I can’t quite put into words what it has all meant to me and my journey to becoming the woman I want to be.

I feel so privileged to be among the few women in this world who are allowed the opportunity to pursue what she was created for, even if that means putting off starting a family. I try hard not to take this opportunity lightly. It is a rare gift that I want to cherish and not waste.
My husband has been my strongest advocate for believing in myself and reminding me every day that what I am doing is important. It is vital to not only my own growth, but also the health of our family both present and future. Josh has invited this dream of mine into his life and embraced it as his own. He has heroically stood up to my insistence on quitting, and gently withstood my displaced frustrations. He has rejoiced with me in moments when my I see strength within myself I never knew was there, and challenges me to keep looking for more of the same. Thankful, thankful thankful. What a gift.

I turned 27 this semester. I lost my grandmother. I took a beautiful trip to Portland. I began my first fieldwork experience in the field of Occupational Therapy. I learned how to better care for myself when I’m at a breaking point from stress. Josh and I started down the path of home-ownership. I messed up a lot. I grew a lot. I am deeply proud of myself, which is a completely new experience for me. January really feels like a lifetime ago.

I begin Summer term in a week, and I was hoping my time off would be filled with trips to the pool and parks and hiking trails. Instead it has been tornadoes, flooding, and severe thunderstorms non-stop. Such is life in Texas. Soon I’ll be back in the classroom all day wishing I could be snuggled up in bed listening to the rain, so I will certainly take whatever rest I can get while I can get it.


Spending a relaxing (and rainy) day at the W Austin. Did you know their spa services are 30% off to Austin residents AND you can stay all day and use the pool and gym? Staycation alert!




Checking out Austin’s new gem Bribery Bakery on yet another rainy day this week. Sugar fixes my dreary day sads.




My sweet classmates celebrated me on my birthday in the midst of 2 huge exams that day. They’re the best.



Current status: Not pleased.



Spending the day at Red Arena, where I got to be a part of providing Hippotherapy to children with disabilities. One of many incredible experiences I was allowed to have in the last few months. Have I mentioned Occupational Therapy is awesome?


That’s all for now since our power is probably going to go out soon. I think we have been under a tornado warning every day this week. Here’s to Summer-The restful parts and the exhausting parts.

I’m anxious to see what semester number 3 holds for me!