Sitting at work. Looking longingly out the window at the beautiful day. Listening to customers talk of the nice weather. The perfect weather. If they only knew how much it kills me…

I’m trying my hand at wordpress for a few reasons. Mainly as an outlet. A connection with the world outside of the bank walls. I’m so thankful to be able to provide money for our family…But isolation is not something I handle gracefully.

While I’m sitting here I’m trying to brainstorm what I could possibly teach a group of 9th grade girls tonight as we meet for Bible Study they insisted we have on Thursday nights. They are so hungry. So eager for things of God. So ready to move past whatever point they are at, onto the next greater challenge and platform of wisdom.

How could I possibly quench that?

Especially me. My seemingly limited experience and recent lack of passion for life in general. Siiiigh. God will provide, though. He always does. I have an awesome Savior.