Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

I’ve been with my Valentine for 6 years now, and I just can’t express enough how much having Josh in my life has changed everything for the better. I am so blessed to share life with someone like him. He’s truly the most loving, selfless, patient person I know. I love you Joshua Paul Cody!!


At Laaaaast

This is a long-time-coming blog post. I don’t like to blog unless I’m in a great mood, and…well…it took awhile to find my positive outlook this week-but here goes!

The biggest and best news I have to share is that my wonderful husband has accepted a job! We have the most amazing people in our lives here in Portland who have been praying for us since the day we got here (pretty much), and the Lord definitely heard our prayers. Both of us truly feel like this job is a match made in heaven for Josh. The company is called Kworky, and it’s a start-up company in Seattle that he’ll be working for from home. Josh has all the faith in the world in the 2 men that have started the business, and is really excited about getting to be part of the process of building a company from the ground up. Bye bye freelance work, HELLO regular paychecks!!!

I’m liking my new job at Columbia Credit Union a LOT! I normally work 2 full days and 2 half days each week, which means 3 days off and best of all, no working Sundays anymore! I’m learning so much there, and even though I’m still in the awkward “I’m new…but I’ll go get someone to help me figure it out!” stage of the process, my co-workers have been so gracious as I learn everything. I think I’ll be learning the ins and outs for quite some time to come.

Oh, and I haven’t taken any pictures in probably a month, or else I’d post them. I think the gloomy weather is to blame.

I just found out that I have a 4 days weekend coming up next week, so I’m thinking about flying south to see my family. Just the thought of sunshine and sweet tea puts a smile on my face. It’s been way too many months since I’ve seen those folks. Hope it works out!

Catcha later!