Summer misfortunes.

As the title of this post implies, it has been quite a misfortunate summer for Josh and I. Never have I looked forward to a different season so much in my life, and the only real reason for that is because nothing else could possibly go wrong in the past 2-3 months.

If you’ve read some of my posts the past couple months, I’ve mentioned a few big setbacks we’ve had in the Cody home. The death of my mother-in-law certainly made its giant mark. Then our dog Henry had a bad infection on his stomach. Then the car broke down. Then Josh needed an emergency dental procedure that wasn’t covered by insurance. THEN Henry was impaled by rebar in the lake and needed like 50 stitches…The list goes on.

Our latest mishaps was earlier this week when I knocked over a glass of water onto my computer. Bye bye Macbook. Even after Josh did all he could to try and dry it out for a couple days, it still wouldn’t turn on. The timing was perfect, too, since I started school on Tuesday at Austin Community College and had a paper due the next morning. Wow. Don’t even know what else to say about the situation.

All that just to say…C’MON FALL!!

I know it’s only been a few days, but I am really really loving being back in school. The story of why I dropped out back in 2007 is complicated, but it mainly had to do with both a lack of direction in life and a very low self esteem. But now it is 1012 and I finally feel like I APPRECIATE the value of learning and setting goals. I have an incredible support system around me of friends and family who constantly encourage, and I am so ready to be making a little bit more money and hopefully have a career that I love and am proud of.

Henry doesn’t really like this whole studying thing too much, though. Go figure.

A big reason for going back to school is so I can work part time once my future kids are in school. My sister is an amazing Mommy, and she been one of the people who have helped me realize lately that working outside the home can be a really good thing when you have a family. The more I learn about myself, the more I think I will genuinely crave that outside world interaction when I’m a mommy. And if I’m going to want to work, I should definitely work toward a career that will make it worth my time away from home.

I chose Occupational Therapy Assistance because it will only take me about 2 years to finish school, and it is a really flexible, with many part time opportunities if that’s what I want down the road. I also love the idea of having a super hands on job helping people who undoubtably need a lot of care and love.

Speaking of my sister…Her baby girl Lucie turned ONE last week. The absolute love of my life Lucie Olivia Nichols. I couldn’t be there for her birthday, so Josh and I made a silly little video for her 🙂

Man, I love that girl.

Happy long weekend, guys!! Enjoy the end to your Summer! (WOOHOO NO MORE SUMMER!!)

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