We’re back in Portland!

The Dixie Chicks describe perfectly how I was feeling before we left for Georgia…
“I’ve sure enjoyed the rain, but I’m lookin forward to the sun…”
(except for the enjoying the rain part, I’d say that’s pretty accurate!)

I heard today that it has NEVER in recorded history of Portland taken this long into the year to reach 60 degrees…until now. Yup. Cold AND rainy every day. Ok I’m done whining now.

My trip to Georgia was so many things. Stressful, exciting, energizing, uplifting, hectic, too short, joyful…
I never know how to put such wonderful experiences into words. I’m so crazy about my friends and family back East, and it was truly difficult to leave. My plane ride back here all by myself was full of tears, but also full of contentment and acceptance of where I am in life right now. Josh is my home and the Lord has kept us under His wing so much lately that I know any loneliness I may feel from time to time is not because I am actually alone.
Here are some of my favorite things about my trip.

Cara Mae’s wedding (duh)
How sweet it was when June fell in LOVE with her great grandpa the first time she met him

FINALLY getting a hug from the one and only Anna Fulton after many long months.
Watching my Aunt Lynn get married beside my favorite lake in the world.
Being re-united with my 4 beautiful roommates
And of course, being blown away by God’s handiwork when we flew right over Mount Hood on the way home.
Thank you to everyone who let me sleep at their house, eat their food, and ride in their car. I am such a blessed woman.
If you think about it, please pray for us Cody’s. We’re lacking some direction right now and could really use life map or something of that sort to show us what’s next. Whatever it is, I’m sure God’s going to be sure and make it exciting. He’s pretty great, huh?

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