The ones that got away

Sad story.

So last year at Christmastime I fell in LOVE with these 2 stockings from Anthroplogie. (the christmasy kind you hang above your mantle and put things in…Yeah) So since I wan’t actually supposed to be shopping for things that made ME happy, I reluctantly turned my attention back towards shopping for things to get other people. I did Salemark them, though, so I would get an email the SECOND they went on sale after the holidays were over and it was more ok to buy things for myself. They had to go on sale, right? Or at the very least the store would bring them back this year when I am more mentally prepared to spend a LOT of money on 2 stockings. They were oh so pretty and perfect and wonderful, those stockings.

Well, as you may have guessed, the stockings did not come back this year.  And not only that, but I can’t seem to find any that strike my fancy ANYWHERE. None will ever fill the shoes (ahem, excuse the pun) of those quirky, beautiful knit stockings from Anthropologie. Our $5 icky target ones will have to do until the day I fall in love again. Sniff.


Just to torture me, the internet still has pictures of these 2 beauties available to view…but not buy. Aren’t they spiffy? I love that they aren’t the usual red and green, leaving room for all sorts of whimsical decorations to match.

I would upload a picture of our Target stockings as a reference to why we want new ones…But as usual WordPress is giving me hell.

So who out there has Christmas decorations they absolutely LOVE and treasure? I can’t say we’re there yet, but one day it’ll happen.

Happy beginning of Advent everyone! May your homes be better decorated than mine 🙂