Remember that time where I drove a music/movie producer around for 5 days while him and his team were in Austin for South by Southwest? Oh…well I do. In fact, I can’t say I will soon forget it. That was me last week. And man oh man was it weird.

As a kid I wanted to be “an actresssssss”. I did the whole community theater thing for a few years, discovered that I couldn’t actually sing, and then decided to do what most dramatic tweens do in the face of an obstacle and try out for cheerleading instead. The entertainment industry always fascinated me. Specifically New York and the broadway scene, but ya know, I wouldn’t have complained if Hollywood was where I ended up.

I just want to say once and for all…THANK YOU GOD for not answering those prayers for stardom. The past week has opened my eyes to many many things, and the “normalcy” of my life is one thing I am walking away thanking the Lord for. I suppose I was lucky to get to meet a lot of the people I met. It was neat to get to drop people off at their movie premier or concert and get tiny leftover bits of  VIP treatment rubbed off onto me. But it was truly difficult to see past what was glaringly obvious from the moment I shook hands with the guy. Stress. Anxiety. Self obsession. People say that these are the things you get when you’re living the life of a rock star. They partied a lot. They have some very famous people in their address books. But at what cost? Definitely not one I would be willing to pay.

I am so glad to have had that experience, as much as it was out of my comfort zone. (I’m talking out-the-door-and-around-the-block outside of my comfort zone) And boy am I glad it is over. It was some of the longest days ever, but I actually gained a lot too. I realized that deep down, I am a total homebody. I learned that I still have a long way to go in my quest to set healthy boundaries for myself. I learned that my eyeballs stop working after 3 in the morning. And I learned that I will pretty much do anything for the excuse to buy some really really cute shoes that are out of my normal budget.

That’s about all I will say about that for now. I’m still recovering and processing the whole thing. But I did get to drive this sweet ride around town all week, and  I will tell you…If you want to get attention from people walking around downtown, it’s all about the vehicle you’re driving. I NEVER get this many looks in my Subaru.



So now March is half way over and I’m still left with finishing up my Occupational Therapy application, writing my paper for school, and finishing my medical terminology online class before April is over. Phew. There are also a thousand other major changes coming in the Cody home in the next few months that I’ll keep you posted about. It is sure to be a long Spring. But Austin sure is beautiful in Spring, and Henry is loving that it’s warm enough to swim again.

Does anyone else feel like around March every year everything in life re-sets itself and you have to make a bunch of life-altaring decisions all at once? Happens every year for us.

One day at a time, people…

Happy SPRING!!