Josh and I finally home from our “vacation” (I put vacation in quotes because we were only actively vacationing for 4 of the days we were gone). I love coming home after a long time away because it just feels SO good to be back. 11 days is a long time.

Those 11 days were jam-packed, to say the least. We flew to Boston, drove to Nahant, took a bus to Newport, taxi to Providence, plane to Atlanta, car to Fayetteville, plane to San Antonio, and finally the megabus back to Austin last Sunday…And with lots and lots of stuff in between.

The main purpose of the trip was to see family. We visited with Josh’s family in Boston for a few days, as well as mine in Atlanta in the last part of out trip. My 17 year old brother had a major role in the play Spring Awakening at the Newnan Community Theater near our hometown, and we made sure to plan everything so we could be there for his big debut. It was weird seeing him in such an adult-themed show, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of him. He has more guts than I every will.

The middle portion of our trip was spent at a bed and breakfast in Newport, Rhode Island to celebrate Josh and my 5 year anniversary. We had the BEST time there. I don’t know if it was just ocean air making us giddy or the simple goodness of getting away and having nowhere to be and nothing to do, but we ran around acting like teenagers for 4 straight days. At one point, a lady working at our hotel asked if we were waiting for our parents. We are SO mature. Since we didn’t have a car on this trip, we rented a couple cruiser bikes and definitely got our money’s worth for those things. We biked all over downtown, overlooking cliffs, down to beaches, and to many great restaurants. Our two favorite dining experiences were at Salvation Cafe and The Mooring Restaurant, in case anyone is ever visiting and looking for an amazing meal.

It is hard to narrow down what the specific highlights were from the trip, but here are a noteworthy five:

#1. Being away from the stress and to-do lists and demands of every day life for a few days. I love seeing my hard-working husband takin’ it easy for a change.

#2. Biking. I forgot how much I love feeling the wind in my hair and how sore my butt is the next day. Such fun.

#3. Seafood. Because duh.

#4. Last thursday-our official 5 year anniversary. My sweet mom decorated the guest room we were staying in with a whole bunch of little things left over from our wedding day she had kept: Candles, champaign flutes, the frisbees we gave as wedding favors. She had champaign chilling on ice in our room, and even a vase with roses. She has always been incredibly thoughtful, but this was just about the sweetest thing anyone’s done for me. My mom rocks.

#5. Taking my niece Lucie on a golfcart ride. (My hometown has a thing with golfcarts…)

There were a thousand other things that warmed my heart and made me feel so at peace on this trip, but those 5 just stood out as the things I’ll remember most.


Taking Josh’s dad Steve out for breakfast in Boston.













When we were in Georgia, Josh and I took a walk on a nature trail we used to go to with friends all the time in high school called Line Creek. When I was 16 or 17, Josh carved our initials on a tree way back in the woods of this trail.  I have been back before to look for the specific tree, but could never find it…until last week. I was SHOCKED to have found this tree, guys. I mean, almost 10 years have gone by since these initials were carved, and there they are. Not as clear as it used to be, but still there. JC CP. I wonder if either of us knew back then that our love would last this long?


We tried to re-engrave the letters, but our lack of a pocket knife made the task a bit impossible. It was a sweet attempt, though.



As usual, it was so great to see my sister and brother. I miss those two every single day.


The sweet anniversary set-up my Momma put in the guest room before we arrived at their house. She’s the best.



Now that all of Josh’s 2013 vacation time is used up, it is time to start planning 2014-which will hopefully be a much-anticipated Europe adventure in the Spring.  I’m so grateful to have gotten to travel and see a few new places I’ve never been before. Nothing makes me feel alive like being with Josh on a bus or a plane on the way to somewhere new and exciting. That has been a theme throughout our marriage, and I hope it continues in the next 5 years and beyond.