Austin Cap 10k

I survived!!

I’m so excited to say that 2013 was the first year of my life that I actually followed through with a major New Year’s resolution. On January 1st I wrote down that I wanted to run a 10k this year. 8 weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned the Capitol 10,000 to me. I really had no intention of signing up, and honestly I was hoping for the “too hot to run outside” summer months to pass before I ever looked into following through with my resolution. By the time the weather cooled off again, there probably wouldn’t be any 10k’s to run by the end of the year and I would be off the hook.

But, thanks to my loving and somewhat obnoxiously devoted husband who is always determined to help me reach my goals, I started looking into training plans. I went with the one my friend Constance was already working on, found HERE, but I started 6 weeks from race day instead of 8.

Like I said before, I struggled a lot with my longer run last weekend because of a freak asthma attack. Thankfully, nothing like that happened the day of the race and I was able to run the whole thing with a little bit of energy to spare. My running shoes are a tad too big, so I did end up with a gigantic blister on the arch of my left foot. But other than that, I am officially unscathed and by some miracle I am actually walking today! I even convinced my BFF Julianne to run it with me next year. She’s going to SMOKE me, considering I run 11 minute miles. But finishing is finishing i suppose 🙂

The starting line



Constance, my fearless training buddy


I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’M SO SCARED!


Josh took this while waiting for me to pass him at mile 2. I stole a kiss from him after conquering a big hill.


The one who cheered me on and inspired me for the past 6 weeks. Thanks babe!


Oh man, and possibly my favorite thing about the whole day was the fact that the kids I babysit for came out to cheer me on and made the most adorable signs. One says “go go go go go go…etc” and the other says “run run run” with wolverine claws on it. (He is obsessed with super heroes) It absolutely made my day!!!


All in all, it was a great experience. I even made it to church afterward to see some friends get baptized. Now that the weekend is over, I’m not exactly sure what to do with myself…I guess I should study for my test this week or something. Darn it, all my distractions are gone!

Happy monday kids!