Bread and Wine

Shauna Niequist is a writer. She’s written three books, and I just finished up her most recent one called Bread and Wine.¬†

For whatever reason, I just ¬†feel like Shauna gets me. She puts words to feelings I never could explain and has a way of digging deep into my soul and shedding light on places I didn’t even know where there.

If you know me, you know I love food. I love to eat food, make food, share food, hoard food. I can’t possibly be in a bad mood if I’m inside a Whole Foods or at a farmer’s market. I love sharing meals with people I love, or people I want to get to know better. I am 100% convinced that food binds people together in a way that no other experience does. This is what Bread and Wine is all about. Shauna calls it “life at the table”.

The book has about 20 recipes inside. She shares about each one in context of her life, and how the recipe came to be or made an appearance at a critical moment. The stories impart so much emotion to the recipe that I am pretty sure no matter what it tastes like, you’ll think back on the story and not be able to help but love the meal.

I keep recommending this book to people, forgetting that not everyone is as weirdly emotional and touchy-feely as I am. I want to say there’s a part of everyone who will enjoy reading this, but I honest have no idea. I just know I love her books. A lot.

I tried my first Shauna recipe last night for dinner. Her maple-baslamic glazed pork tenderloin. Even though we undercooked the meat (it was raw on the inside) it tasted wonderful. We grilled some garlic-y artichokes to go alongside the meat, and they went great together. I am NOT a seasoned chef by any means. (Hence the undercooked pork) But her recipes seem super easy to manage, with a lot of room to make it your own. In fact, she encourages creativity, and challenges you to change things up along the way.



If you love food and Jesus and being in community, I think you’d like this book. It is an easy one, so get ready to gobble it up like you will her recipes!


Happy cooking!