My college roommate Cara and her husband John were kind enough to fly out from Atlanta for a visit this weekend. We had so much fun catching up with them after way too long. Cara is one of those people who make you feel like she’ll always love you no matter what, and it was so fun to get to share this amazing city with her for a few days. I also love how enthusiastic she is about the little things in life. It makes me feel so great to hear “OH MY GOSH, LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT LAKE IS!” or “THIS IS THE BEST PIECE OF BREAD I’VE EVER HAD” when hearing her thoughts about Austin. I happen to agree with how great this place is, but it’s fun to have my opinions validated by a first-time visitor. Thanks, girl 😉

Since it happened to also be Josh’s birthday weekend, we went a little crazy with the amount of food/fun/overall good times. It’s ok to gain 6 pounds in 3 days every once in awhile, right? Hmmm…

Anyway! Here’s some things I will recommend to future Austin travelers or hosts of visitors to impress your guests. **Note: Austin is rapidly becoming overpopulated, so if your goal is to get someone to NOT want to move here, please refrain from the following activities.**

#1 Jester King Brewery

This is the place my husband chose to have his birthday celebration. Being the picky man he is, this is a huge compliment. Located on the outskirts of Austin, right next to the hill country and away from the hectic feel of downtown, it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with people you really enjoy. It is $10 to taste the entire selection of beers, and includes a Jester King beer glass and a tour of the place. There’s live music on the weekends, cornholl, and an AMAZING open air pizza restaurant on the property called Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza. Go spend a saturday there. You won’t be sorry. (So long as you bring along a designated driver)






#2 Barton Creek Greenbelt

Ok, this place is probably the thing I love most about Austin lately. It is my sanctuary, where I spend hours each week. I love to show it off to friends when they come in town because it is so amazing to me that there is a 7 mile stretch of deeply hidden, BEAUTIFUL hiking trails located in the middle of this city. Some people who live here never take the time to experience this gem, and I truly feel bad for what they’re missing out on. It is a treasure that I don’t think I could live without now that it’s such a big part of my life.



#3 Mount Bonnell

This popular tourist destination is kind of a no-brainer. Beautiful views of the city, the Colorado River, and the beautiful Westlake hills make it the perfect place to snap a few pictures and sit in the sun for a few minutes.



But when people I care about are in town, I mostly love to plant my butt in a chair at a great restaurant with a cocktail in hand and talk about life. There’s just nothin’ better than springtime in Central Texas.

Summer, feel free to hold on and let Spring stay forever. I wouldn’t mind one bit.

Next up for me: Georgia trip to see my family this weekend! I’m so excited to kiss my niece’s little cheeks and take my little brother to see Zorro the musical. Also, tomorrow I am turning in our 60-day notice to vacate or nasty apartment! We’re finally getting the hell outta here! HAH! Yes, I’m a little excited, even though we have no clue where we will be living next…Only time will tell.

Happy monday!