This has been my day:

Celine Dion blaring through the speakers.

Pumpkin candle burning in all its glory.

Winter clothes airing out on the guest bed.

Vacuum running, washer/dryer running…

Basically, it has been a nightmare day for my energy bill, but a pretty awesome one for me.  The best part is it doesn’t involve ANY SCHOOL!

Don’t get me wrong, I love school. In fact I really really love school. But sometimes it’s nice to take a few days off after a big test, ya know? Pretty much all I can think about lately is Occupational Therapy and how much I want to get into the OTA program in April. I’m so afraid I won’t get in, especially since my motivation and grades are at an all-time high. But the anxiety can wait a few more months, I suppose.

The past month has been a whirlwind of fun adventures. We were blessed with lots of visitors, including my friend Julianne, and then our great friends Tommy and Hannah. I love any excuse to show Austin off and all the great food and fun it has to offer. Here we go with a LOT of pictures…

Enjoying the view at the 360 overlook with the Webbs

Me and my love at Mount Bonnell

Henry. Posing like a doofus.

Tommy and Hannah being all cute and stuff

Enjoying the Georgia and Auburn games at Red’s Porch

Juju and I taking a pitstop in San Antonio to eat on the River Walk

Ice cream at LICK. A must try for Austin visitors/residents

Lobster Rolls from Dock and Roll. Amazing.

Some of Josh’s FAVORITE tacos in town at Mellizoz Tacos

Can’t come to austin without swimming in Barton Springs

So glad this girl came to visit me!

Ya’ll hungry yet? If you want to drool even more, check at the websites for some of the current Cody favorite restaurant/spots around this wonderful city. (In no particular order)

1. Gourdough’s Doughnuts. 

2. Dock and Roll

3. Contigo

4. Red’s Porch    **mainly for the view and beer selection

5. Collie’s Burgers

6. Tacodeli

7. The 360 overlook

8. Barton Springs

9. Mount Bonnell

10. The Violet Crown Cinema  (Probably my personal favorite)

This list changes every month it seems like, but if you’re looking for places to go in Austin, you can’t fail with any of those 10!

Happy Autumn everyone. Go bake some pumpkin bread!