Family Christmas

It was so nice to be with family for Christmas. Each year that passes I am more aware of how unbelievably fortunate I am to have this group of people in my life. Like, how in the world did I get so lucky?? I have incredible parents, the best siblings, the sweetest niece, an awesome grandma, and this whole other amazing family that adopted me into their clan just because I married one of their own. It is humbling just how deeply loved and supported Josh and I are, and nothing reminds me of that more than being with family.

We left Georgia almost 7 years ago, hearing nothing but messages of support as we set off into the unknown for the pacific northwest. The love of our families has been our strength and sense of peace as we’ve re-settled a few times since then. Knowing people have our back, love us unconditionally and believe in us makes all the difference.

We were able to spent a solid 2 weeks in Georgia this year for the holidays. We packed up the car and the pup, headed east on I-10, and landed at my parents’ house the following afternoon. Our time there was full of eating, laughing, playing games, golf cart rides, sitting, talking, and filling up on moments that will sadly need to last me awhile. I’m so grateful for our time with the people who mean the most to us in the world. They are precious precious moments to both Josh and myself. There are no words to describe what family is to us. Maybe it is because we don’t have the luxury of weekly meet-ups or sharing every special occasion together. Whatever the case may be, I adore these people and feel empowered by them to continue growing and learning and becoming who I’m meant to be. They each bring their own gifts into my life and speak truth to me in unique ways and life wouldn’t be the same without each one of these people. I’m so grateful. I love you, family. More than you’ll ever know!


As I jump back into Austin life and start my second-to-last semester of school, I’m filled to the brim with gratitude that we have a soft place to land whenever we need it. These relationships-the ones that last forever-are the good stuff in life. No matter where we end up, it will always be good to be “home” because of the people who are there.

Happy new year!

One thought on “Family Christmas

  1. Hallene says:

    Caroline, you have a gift to be able to write posts with such sincerity and descriptive. You and Josh are so precious to us all. Thanks for including us in your visits and calls. We love you

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