Goodness me.

This Summer has been one of the busiest I can remember. We are racing the clock trying to get all of our traveling in before I’m chained to a school desk for 2 years. While the traveling has been incredible (re: my previous few posts) the past few months have been far from restful. I even found myself thinking about how “nice it’ll be when school starts so I can have a break from all the chaos”. HAH! I obviously don’t know what I’m getting myself into.

Here’s a little update on us Codys:

I start school next month (what what!)

Josh and I recently began a year-long commitment involving weekly mentorship of a young adult who recently aged out of foster care here in Austin. Its been an amazing experience so far, and taught us so much. We’re looking forward to the coming months of growth as we settle into our new roles in the life of our new “sister”.

Church is awesome and busier than ever with small groups, teaching a children’s sunday school class, and a few other fun “jobs” thrown in there.

Instead of taking the Summer off of babysitting like I’d planned, I decided to go the alternative route and just say yes to any and all work I can get. Needless to say, this was a terrible plan. I’m swamped and look like the zombie version of baby-sitters club half the time. Oy. Good thing all the little people in my life are so darn cute.

SO.Much.Travel. Post-Europe has involved small trips that quite hectic when you throw in long car rides with a dog and stand-by airline tickets. We drove to Alabama to see my family for the 4th of July and just got back from a trip to Atlanta and Savannah where Josh was in a wedding of a college friend. So many great times with family and friends, but so little sleep. So so little sleep.


This blog has been so utterly neglected the past couple months, I feel like I just need to get some words down to kickstart my brain again. Please forgive the stream of consciousness happening right now.

As busy as this Summer has been, I’ve been learning and processing so much and I can’t wait to try to dictate some of that growth. I’m such an external processor. It seems like the world is crazier than ever right now, but the more out of control things get, the more I find myself comforted by the only One who actually has a grip on things. God has a funny way of edging His way into our lives with grace and peace in the more unlikely of times. The past few weeks have been heavy, but beautiful. And also busy, with lots of airplanes, car rides, and hugs with old friends.

So here are some photos until I can get a handle on exactly what I’m trying to say here. Happy Wednesday!




















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