Thailand is incredible.

I have been dying to sit down and write a quick blog post about it, but now that I have a few minutes, I can’t even find the words to describe what the past 8 days have been like! I have experienced such a wide range of emotions, but mostly I have just felt completely alive. Being out of your routine and the grind of every day battles is something I NEED to do for myself every once in awhile. Being a world away from my husband and trying new foods and having no air conditioning isn’t comfortable at first, but I needed this. I desperately needed the reminder that the world is giant and full of people who have more basic needs than I can fathom. I needed some perspective and some adventure. I can’t believe I hesitated coming here even for a moment.

I have been in a state of absolute awe and gratitude since I got here, and the novelty hasn’t even begun to wear off.

Here’s a quick re-cap, and I’ll post more later when I have time.

Days 1-4: Spent time in Bangkok staying with an amazing family doing unbelievable work with the Thai and Cambodian community in the city. I saw so much pain and poverty, but felt encouraged by so many small things and empowered by ways God can use one obedient family to completely transform a neighborhood. We went to the Bangkok Farmer’s Market, saw the movie Frozen, went to the largest outdoor market in southeast Asia, and visited a LOT of Buddhist temples.

Days 4-6: Took a bus over night to Chiang Mai! Laid by a pool, ate amazing food, shopped at a night market…Oh, and PET A TIGER AND PLAYED WITH ELEPHANTS!!

Days 6-8: Drove 3 hours through the mountains to Phayao, where Constance used to live. We are staying with some friends of Constance’s who are missionaries here. This town is beautiful, and so different than the previous 2. Today we are riding ostriches, but more on that later…

For now, I leave you with pictures!










One thought on “Thailand!

  1. Omgomgomgomg the pic of you and the tiger!!!! He’s showing TEETH!!!!

    Thank you SOOO much for sharing your adventures! Inquiring minds like to know! Glad you’re having a blast and soaking in such a rich culture 🙂 you are just the most adorable thing in the world.

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