Before I litter this blog with tons of pictures from Asia, let me explain a little bit…

I don’t have any classes this semester because of my OTA application being due in March. Because of how flexible my work schedule is…er…babysitting schedule…I figured now was the best time to try to travel before the whirlwind of (hopefully) full-time school/full-time job/babies occurs.

My friend Constance used to live in Phayao, Thailand for 2 years. Her work schedule is also quite flexible, and a lot of which she can do remotely-SO, with the help of buddy passes from my dad, we are leaving for Bangkok tomorrow morning! We’ll hopefully spend some time there (depending on the political craziness happening) and then go to Chiang Mai for the rest of the trip.

I am many many things, including excited, scared, in shock, and overwhelmed with my mile-long to do list.

Mostly, I’m just so grateful that I get this opportunity. It is no small miracle for me to be able to experience another culture for a couple weeks on a whim. I am not ignorant of the fact that this is CRAZY awesome and I am so undeserving.

I’ll update upon arrival, and surely post photos from this adventure. Can’t wait to share this all with you!!

Say a prayer for our safety in Bangkok with all of the protests going on. See ya’ll on the other side-


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