I cannot even begin to describe the feelings of sheer bliss and contentment that I felt this Christmas.

I won’t ramble on about all of the details, because no words can really do justice to how special these memories will be for me. But I’ll just give a brief overview for the sake of maintaining somewhat of a timeline on this bloggy thingy.

Josh and I spent a week in the mountains together (which included Christmas) in a little cabin with no heat, no internet, no cable, and TONS of snow. Just us. Oh, and Henry, but he only came because we are too cheap to pay someone to watch him. Story of our lives.

We were locked away from any and all hints of civilization, and it was priceless. The hikes, the books, the snowball fights, the fires…All of it was perfect. I’m so grateful to be married to an adventurer, a lover of long road trips. and someone willing to put up with my freakish giddy squeals of excitement (Gonna blame the altitude…) for an entire week. I am so so so so glad we spent Christmas surrounded by blankets and firewood instead of endless piles of presents. My heart just couldn’t take it all this year.

Speaking of presents, I am reading a book that is kind of ruining me in the best ways ever. If you are a believer, I highly recommend picking up the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. It is about simplicity and generosity and how completely wrong the church has gotten everything in these areas. I love it and hate it for how convicted I am…But no turning back now. It is awesome. Read it-it’ll be the best few hours you could spend so far in 2014.

So, I’m going to go have my entire world wrecked some more, and I will report back after all my stuff has been given away. But then I won’t have a computer, so I guess maybe there’s a chance I won’t be back. Or I’ll go to the library to blog. If I can make it there without a car. Either way, happy new year and stuff!
















One thought on “Christmas

  1. mondoandpeach says:

    this makes me heart happy. I’m scared to read that book, but I think I will. I’m on this sort of uneducated, beginnings of a “simple life” craze/phase whatever, so that book will probably push me from being a poser to real life. haha.

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