Let Every Heart…

“Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room.”

Advent is here. As usual, it snuck right up, and on this unfortunate year of later Thanksgiving, was overshadowed by feelings of wanting more and more and more. Thank you very much Black Friday Weekend.

Even though we’re only two days in to one of my favorite liturgical seasons, looking back on them I already feel regret. Thanksgiving was the perfect chance to usher in the season of Advent. With a full, grateful, contented heart should I face the reality of a Savior born into poverty. Not with a feeling of entitlement and self-worship.

In three short weeks, Josh and I will drive to Colorado to share Christmas together on a mountain. Just us. No internet or television or tree or gifts to unwrap. We decided this many months ago, and I haven’t looked forward to Christmas this much in a long time. I think the deepest parts of my soul long to make space for Christ, but I rarely let Him move me to action.

This advent, I desperately want to shift my obsession with earthly treasure to eternal ones. I want to give Christ the space He wants in my life to show me the beauty of simplicity and dependence on Him. I want to drive up a mountain in the dead of winter and know beyond a doubt that there is nothing in this world I could ever need or desire more than the love He pours out on me day in and day out.

Let every heart prepare Him room. Happy Advent everyone.


2 thoughts on “Let Every Heart…

  1. mondoandpeach says:

    Thanks for these thoughts! They made me tear up, I guess because they represent a lot of my same feelings. It’s my first married Christmas and we are spending it with Mondo’s family. Then next year with my family, etc- and I was just thinking, when do you make that transition to just “our” Christmas, without either family? I’m excited for you guys! Sounds like it’s going to be a treat. Enjoy the stillness and that gentle voice.

    • Caroline says:

      The married life holiday balancing act is tough, but you will learn really quickly what works for you the two of you. And feel free to take some years to yourselves when you need to 🙂 I hope you had an amazing time with family. We had a great time, but also missed everyone a ton.

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