2 things.

My sister came to visit!

This was the best thing ever. It was Christie’s first trip to Austin, after years of my talking it up to her, and even trying many times to convince her to re-locate to Texas. She just for the weekend, and that will do for now. Baby steps.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with a sister 2 years older than me. Everything she did fascinated me. If Christie wore overalls, I had to get some overalls. If Christie kept a journal, it was instantly the coolest hobby in the world. And so it went for years…

Even though I was probably the bane of her existence at the time, I think by now she realizes that I don’t just look up to her because she is my sister. I truly think she is one of the smartest, most open-minded, wonderful people in the world. She’s such a great mom to my niece Lucie, and I’d be lucky to ever be half as cool or trendy as she is.

So cheers to sisterhood and having a built-in drinking buddy for life.






Thanks so much for coming to see me, my dear sweet wonderful sister!

A few days later Josh and I hosted a co-ed baby shower for our friends Cole and Leena, who’s baby is due any day now. Even though it was a super hectic week with family in town, work, and getting ready to host 30 people at our house, we made it through in one piece, and with a lot of gratitude for how blessed we are to be able to do things like that. I really do love hosting people, especially now that we have a little more space and a much more enjoyable place to call home.

I’ve been learning a lot of hard lessons in the past few months about my strengths and weaknesses, how I receive and give love, and my slightly unhealthy obsession with wanting to be useful. I’ve been really trying to keep my pride and controlling nature in check. Throwing a baby shower was a good little exercise to help with the process. I definitely failed a few tests, but in the end, the baby has gifts and the mom-to-me and dad-to-be felt loved, so that’s what’s most important.

It was so fun to have so many of our friends in our home at once. And kids. Oh the many kids….











The craziness just never ends ’round here. And I mean that in the most wonderful, joyful, sarcastic, a little bit terrified, but BEST way possible.

And the rest of this week is no exception, so here goes nothing…

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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