On the Move!

The Codys are on the move again!

Yes, we are moving…again…but not across the country like usual. We have already been in Austin longer than we’ve lived in any other city since we got married (hard to believe) and now that we’ve seriously fallen in love with this town, we figure it’s time to start loving where we sleep at night too.

This crappy apartment has served us well for the past 2 years. We have done a lot of living and laughing and hosting people in this place. We will definitely miss living in “SoLa” with all its quirkiness. But we are BEYOND excited for this change.

It was actually a miracle that we were able to rent this house we are moving to. There is a major housing shortage in austin, due to the 300 people per day that move here (literally). Our budget was pretty small for the prices that people ask for their homes. We were becoming more and more sure that we would actually end up in a different crappy apartment…But then we heard those blessed words from a man who was showing us his house last weekend. “It’s yours if you want it!”


So, North Austin in is. Close to many of our dear friends. Close to many a great restaurant. Farther from Josh’s work, which may be tough, but it should be do-able.

Hooray for new adventures and opportunities and a big backyard for my Henry boy to play in.





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