Well guys, it is finally friday.

Today I pick up my packet for my first road race this Sunday. I’m super nervous…slightly excited….but mostly terrified. My last long run was a week ago, and I had a SUPER random, unexpected asthma attack at mile 4 of the 5 I was supposed to do that day. In the middle of the Town Lake trail, among hundreds of fellow walkers/runners/bikers downtown, I was dying. Ok, not really. But it was really really scary considering I haven’t experienced any asthma symptoms in years. My lungs were completely shut off and was gasping for air, but couldn’t get any. Poor Josh (who thankfully was with me) was so confused and helpless. When it finally subsided and I could breath again, tears started streaming down my face. I felt so frustrated that my body decided to do this to me the ONE day I needed it to cooperate. I have a really hard time mentally recovering from runs that I can’t finish. This one in particular was supposed to be the thing to determine whether or not I was ready for my 10k. I guess Sunday we will find out if I was actually ready or not. And I am so scared my body will throw another fit and I’ll end up walking 6.2 miles. I just keep praying that if the Lord wants me to do this, He’ll make it happen. He has already done so much throughout my training already. He’s shown me so much about his daily provision and the “daily bread” I need to be seeking.

I’m so so so excited about next week when my college roommate Cara and her husband John are coming to visit us in Austin. I love making use of our guest room, and showing off how much fun our city is. Josh’s birthday is in a week, so it will be super fun to celebrate with the Cregers in town.

Josh and I have been enjoying meat again since Easter Sunday, and it has been pretty spectacular. We went and got sausages and beer at Banger’s after church, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a more delicious way to enter back into the meat-eating world than a giant bratwurst on a pretzel bun. Mmmmm!




My church is called Vox Veniae. There are so many amazing artists who are in our community. For Lent, one of these artists (with a lot of help) produced a series of art installations in the building where we meet. I was so in awe of these pieces when I first got to see them all on sunday. They were so stunning and intricate and so perfectly reflected the beauty and complexity of Easter. The last one, which says Resurrection, is made out of a wooden board backdrop, 2000 nails, and a MILE of red sting. It was incredible.





I’m thankful to be in community with such creative people who have a passion for worshiping in all the ways they were made to do so. I learn and grow so much by being around people that are so different than me, but who I hope to be more like one day.

Hope everyone had a great Easter, and if I make it out of my race alive this weekend…See you next time.

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