Va Va Valentine’s Day

I love love!

Thursday was so much fun celebrating this gift and all the joy it brings, whether romantic or not. Josh and I don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s day. It’s honestly an accomplishment if one of us manages to remember to get a card. But this year we decided it would be a good day to use the gift card to Ruth’s Chris that Josh got at his office Christmas party. It says a lot about us that we have YET to find a day important enough to use such an indulgent gift. It was so much fun. The restaurant handed out long stemmed roses to all the ladies, and I got to wear my newish dress with hearts on it. Tee Hee! I was giddy with how handsome the food tasted and how yummy my date was…Wait…I got that backwards. See, I’m all flustered. 😉





After dinner we got to celebrate with some friends who were having a Valentine’s Day dance outside their house. Their carport was covered in streamers and glittery hearts and mushy music was playing in the background. It was perfect. But what was even more perfect was when the mushy music stopped and Remix To Ignition came through the speakers. We certainly had fun with that one.







I think I can handle Valentine’s Day if it’s like this every year. I’ve never been a big fan, but I might be a changed woman after this week. Yay for love!

Hope everyone had fun with people they care about this week. I’m so grateful to have a handful of them. Not to mention this guy…

My furry valentine!!


One thought on “Va Va Valentine’s Day

  1. “how handsome the food tasted and how yummy my date was” …. bow chica wow wow hheeehheee love and miss you guys! this sounds like the best vday ever! love the dance!

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