Hurt necks and Halloween.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween yesterday! (Though not as much fun as my classmate who showed up to 9:30am lab this morning STILL DRUNK. Kid you not.) I just haven’t really ever gotten into the whole Halloween thing since my childhood ended. I don’t see the value in spending money on a holiday that doesn’t really bring me any joy or fulfillment. I’d rather pinch my pennies for thanksgiving in a few weeks, ya know? I’m probably a huge loser, but that’s ok. At least I was sober in class this morning.

This week has been particularly amazing because I got the opportunity to spend some hours observing a real life Occupational Therapist at a rehab clinic in Austin. I have never actually seen someone do what I hope to be in school for next year, and it was honestly more amazing than I could have hoped. Seeing in a few short hours how these patients touch their doctors’ lives and vice-versa made me want to cry on multiple occasions.

The type of facility I’ve observed in is a clinic for spinal cord injury patients who are working on gaining back their independence and some motor skills after a life-changing accident. Most had neck injuries, impairing their motor skills. Most did not have use of their legs. But somehow as I sat and listened to story after story of these incredibly difficult lives, I felt so much more joy and inspiration than any twinge of pity that may have come upon me. I met 5 of the strongest, most down to earth people this week. I just feel like they get it, ya know? There’s no room for petty ridiculous complaints in their lives. It was a little embarrassing how insignificant my daily problems are after hearing what these folks have overcome in the past year or two.

I’m so happy that my first exposure to the field of OT has been so positive. I’m still praying to get into my program in the Summer, but whether that happens or not, I thank God for even the opportunity to have my life touched by the people I met in rehab this week. What a cool experience. God is good, ya’ll. And we have MUCH to be thankful for.

Josh and I are heading to Stillwater, Oklahoma tomorrow to visit dear friends that we miss oh-so-much. The excitement just doesn’t end! Have a fabulous weekend folks!


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