Jester king and queen

What a fun weekend in the heart of Texas.

Josh and I drove out to Jester King Brewery on Saturday for their weekly beer tasting and brewery tour. I didn’t know what to expect because I knew so little about the company, but Jester King and the owners who gave the tour completely exceeded my expectations. They are the COOLEST company! If you’re ever in need of a fun way to spend a few hours on a Saturday in Austin, grab some friends and head out to Jester King. It was only $10 per person to get in, which got you a cool beer glass and SIX…(yes i said six) glasses of whatever masterfully crafted farmhouse ale they had on draft that weekend. It was so fascinating and inspiring to hear the story of a couple of brothers who are so passionate about their skill and the lengths they go to to make their drinks such a unique experience to taste.

Here’s what they had available for “tasting” (much more than a taste if you ask me) yesterday.

…And Josh who was kind of in heaven. With his hammer?

Feeling a little ridiculous…

Bottoms up!

Touring the super cool barrel room where they age the beer

I love living in a city with endless things to do, and truly passionate people who care SO much about whatever they devote their lives to.

Kinda makes you wanna pop open a cold one, huh? Happy 4th of july week everyone!

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