Barbie Cue

We had the pleasure last weekend of sharing the day with 2 wonderful friends exploring some of the BBQ goodness that central Texas has to offer. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day than gorging myself on smoked meat. MmmmMMMM.

Caution: You are about to either get really hungry, or, if you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably going to be grossed out.

The first stop we made was to Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas. Lockhart is the “BBQ capital of Texas” and they say you can’t go wrong with any of the choices you’ll find there.

Choices, choices…


Room of smoky goodness

Kreug’s was amazing. Best beef brisket I’ve ever had by far! They don’t believe in barbeque sauce and don’t even carry it in their restaurant. Not that their food needs it. So much flavor!!

Next stop was Smitty’s in downtown Lockhart across from the beautiful city hall.

Little peek at some of the goods in the smoker

Big Red=Texas bottled water

Lockhart city hall

Last stop was in Luling, Texas. According to their sign, Luling is somehow associated with watermelons. There was absolutely no lack of melons in this town. Or delicious BBQ at City Market. They had my very favorite meat of the day. Fall off the bone BBQ pork ribs. Be still my beating heart.

I'll eat bbq with this guy any day

The Browns-Our tour guides for the day.

Last brisket of the day

Watermelon central

When in Rome…

What a fun weekend. If anyone ever wants to go back and eat absurd amounts of pork and beef with us, we would not protest. Hope you enjoyed the photo tour of Texas’ pride and joy.

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