To an old friend

The big ole’ beautiful white house I grew up in done got sold. I am so happy for my parents, who have tried so hard to sell it for so long. They can finally move on and get past the house showings and realtor drama. I knew it had to happen sometime, but it will be really hard to let go of a place that’s meant so much to me.

So, old friend, on Tarragon Drive,

I will truly miss you. You smell like home. You feel comforting and peaceful. You will not be forgotten. My youth was spent growing behind those white columns. All the drama, laughter, arguments, instant messaging, journals, tears, and endless hours on my first cellphone…My first kiss, first break-up, first time I drove out of a driveway…all inside. And made possible because you provided a safe place for me to grow up. I will look back on every moment with gratitude and remember sneaking onto the roof to look at the stars, jumping on the trampoline into the wee hours with great friends, all the birthdays and Bible studies. Even some of the best memories to be had were in the last days I lived inside of you-packing up my room, taking out the new white dress I just bought, and getting ready to enter into the adventure of marriage.  My parents took such great care of you, which is why I think I loved you so much. And which is why I always want to take great care of my own home so that my kids can enjoy being kids as much as I did. I LOVED my childhood and youth. I feel that I lived it to the absolute fullest I could have, and truly couldn’t imagine having so much fun without such a great place to call home. Thank you for the memories. I’ll drive by and see you next time I am in Georgia.

Your friend,



One thought on “To an old friend

  1. Jeff and Ashley says:

    aw man i dread this day with my parents’ house. so ironic too since before the house they currently live in (and have for 20 years), we moved a lot, so i was used to moving. but once we crossed the 3 year mark and weren’t going anywhere, i felt like we’d hit a milestone. and then i graduated jr high and high school from there, came home from college to there. and now i’ll bring baby g to grammy and grandpa’s house there and he’ll sleep in the very room i did growing up. every now and then (although it hasn’t happened in several, several months) my mom will talk about wanting to downsize, but secretly i hope they don’t. although i hate cleaning my house and theirs is like 3 times mine so i can’t imagine all the work she does before company. but just like you said, there’s sooo much tied into home, that it’s just so strange to to me to imagine ever not going back there at some point.

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