I’m officially well into my 20’s now. Woopdeedoo! It’s kinda funny how no matter how much older I get, I always seem to be the embarrassingly young one in our friend groups. I love birthdays, but hate when all my 30 year old friends have to find out that they’ve been hanging out with a 24 year old…Sorry guys.

I might say this every year, but this year was REALLY the best one ever. Josh spoiled me rotten this time around. Josh and I are now proud owners of a Tempurpedic mattress. Having one has been a far off dream of mine for years and years, and on April 28th that dream became a reality. I am still in a state of wonder and awe when I lay on it. Man, it’s good. So BYE BYE nasty stained who-knows-how-old-you-are craigslist mattress. I hate you and never wanna see you again!

My super sweet husband also took the liberty of booking us a one night stay at the SWEETEST bed and breakfast I’ve ever seen for the weekend in San Antonio, which is about 1 and 1/2 hours from here. We had so much fun walking (and walking. and walking) around the city and on the river walk. We laughed the whole day and made fun of how weird we are. The usual, really. It also happened to be Cinco De Mayo on Saturday, which worked out nicely 🙂

Our AMAZING bed&breakfast




Relaxing in our room


Josh chillin on the private rooftop balcony.


At the river walk


At the Alamo!


New boyfriend


Little getaways make me feel so much better about life. It means the world that no matter how stressed Josh is about work and no matter how much is on his plate, he is willing to put it all aside to spend quality time with me. I love you boo!!!

24, you are going to be AWESOME because I am loved by amazing friends, the best husband in the world, and an even better God. I have much to be thankful for.

Here’s to growing up!

2 thoughts on “Berthdayyyy

  1. Your birthday sounds like so much fun! I want to see you state; let’s talk soon 🙂 Also, I feel you on the issue of always being the young’n in the group. Story of my life.

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