Life’s a little crazy at the moment. This update, in fact, comes to you from under the covers of my bed where my husband and dog are fast asleep and waking up in 6 hours. I can’t seem to gather my thoughts lately because of how little “me time” I’ve had. It’s a good change of pace from having no life, I suppose. Life just never can seem to balance itself out, can it? Just when you think you have the perfect amounts of work, exercise, love, friends, sleep, housework and God time in your life, one of them gets out of line and starts taking up too much time. (usually the rogue activity is in the work category, otherwise who would ever complain?)

I really would like a vacation. Lucky for me, my parents are going to Florida in April for my little brother’s spring break and they invited me to join them. I can’t remember being this excited about the possibility a beach trip before, except I’m also feeling a pang of guilt when I think of my husband being home working his butt off like he does every day of his life. He is the hardest worker I know. Yet I get the vacation. He wouldn’t have it any other way either. Love that guy.

That’s the best update I can give for now since exhaustion is taking over.
I will leave you with this picture from last weekend of my dog flying through the air. He is quite the gymnast.


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