The day my dog got hit by a car.

Since I have put a few days between me and the incident, I suppose it is time to share what happened on the 3rd of January, 2012.

First, let me remind readers of the last idiotic thing my dog did to injure himself. A week before we left for Georgia for Christmas, Henry was trying to start something with another dog at his daycare through a chain link fence, stuck his paw through, got it bitten (hard) and had to get 5 stitches. This wouldn’t have been so bad in and of itself, but it resulted in 6 separate trips to the vet in the next week and a half due to his inability to keep his teeth off of the bandages they were putting on. It was such a long week trying to keep his hurt paw from getting wet by covering it with plastic, socks, and anything else we could find, AND dealing with a stir-crazy puppy who just wanted to run his energy off. But we finally made it to December 26th and they FINALLY took his stitches out and told us we were done with those @*%&^# bandages.

This lasted 8 days.

On Tuesday morning, Henry was going crazy (as usual) so I packed up some tennis balls and loaded him into the car for our usual trip to Zilker Park. If you’ve never been to Austin, Zilker is this amazing, huge, grassy park in the middle of town that happens to be off-leash. We have been there a hundred times since moving here. It looks like this.

We had been there for about 45 minutes, playing fetch and seeing (him sniffing) all the other dogs. I was standing in the very center of the park talking to a guy with a cute little cockapoo with him, when Henry runs off to chase squirrels in some trees on the outskirts of the park. I wasn’t too worried because he had done this a time or two before, but I still called and called for him to come back over by me. Since when does he listen to me though? I kept talking to the guy a little more, still having my eye on my dog, who was far away but still in sight. There is a 4 lane busy road that runs to the left of the park in the picture above called Barton Springs Road. I am guessing there was a squirrel or two on the other side of the street, because henry bolts toward the road and out of range for me to be able to see him. As I start jogging in that direction to try to steer him away from the road, all I can see are the cars on Barton Springs stop suddenly and I hear a noise that sounds like a car accident. I knew it was Henry, and my heart stopped. I yelled his name over and over as I ran as fast as I could toward the road. The cars started slowly moving again and someone yelled “He’s over there!” He had already gotten far away from the scene and was looking absolutely stunned. But he was alive and that’s all I cared about. That moment of hearing him get hit and thinking I was about to have to go carry his dead body off the street was possibly the worst one of my life so far.

He spent the day at the vet so they could monitor for signs of any internal damage, was given pain meds and antibiotics, and sent home. Oh yes, and our friend the bandage was back. Same leg, only it went higher up this time. Fabulous. Boy was our vet surpsiesd to see us for the hundredth time in 2 weeks. I swear it would be cheaper for us to hire an in-home vet to live with us than keep forking out hundreds of dollars to Banfield every couple days.

So there is my terrible story. And now I am left with a pathetic dog who will barely come near me anymore because every 5 seconds I have to squirt something in his ears or give him pills or fix his bandage or readjust his “cone of shame”. He is an unhappy camper to say the least. As I look back on my last post, though, I have to smile and remind myself to be grateful. Henry is healthy (for the most part) and the Cody’s are truly blessed beyond what we deserve.

I am working on ways to make Henry earn back the money we have spent on his stupidity, and the only way we can think to do this is to exploit him through writing a book about his crazy life. It is sad, really, that a dog who is only 1 1/2 can have a lifetime of stories that make people laugh and shake their heads thinking “man, am I glad MY dog isn’t like that”. My sister gave me the idea, and if anyone can help me think of a clever name, I will pay you royalties from book profits. Maybe.

Well, it is 70 degrees and GORGEOUS outside so I think I will go take my dog for a walk. In his cone. Far away from any cars.

Happy Friday!

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