Home for the holidays

Best news ever. Ready?

The Cody’s will be comin’ home for Christmas this year! Yep, first time in a few years. Know what else is cool? We get to bring our favorite little spotted pooch along with us. I’m seriously beyond excited. Henry has elicited mixed responses from our friends back home, ranging from “Aw man, I’d kill to meet that dog” to “I’d kill that dog if I met him”. Ok maybe not that dramatic, but for those of you in Georgia who have wanted to meet the craziest, sweetest dog on the planet, your opportunity will be the week of Christmas/New Years. In the meantime, we will be collecting donations for sedatives for our canine due to the lengthy car ride that we have to endure with him to get to Atlanta. Thank you kindly. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!

Austin is absolutely beautiful lately. The weather has cooled down to the 70’s/80’s during the day, and 60’s at night. The sun shines all the time. I don’t know how I survived without the sun. This is what the sky looked like on my drive to work yesterday morning. I didn’t even mind the traffic that day.

And here’s a couple pictures from the food trailer festival that was at our favorite park a couple weeks ago.

Oh, and then there was this football game on TV that Josh and I went to watch with all the other Dawgs fans in Austin. They played some team who wears blue and orange with a  stupid mascot. Well, anyway, Georgia won the game and everyone was excited and most people were really drunk and really happy. Just keeping the Uga spirit alive here in Texas.

I really love this city more and more. I love our church and our slowly forming friendships, our Saturdays at Zilker Park, and just how there’s never a lack of things to do and see. But most of my time here is spent taking care of this little guy. 40 hours a week of laughter and playing with trains and pretending every household item is a lawn mower. He’s great.

Lastly, my niece Lucie is the most wonderful human. I miss her a whole lot. I wonder how much she will grow between now and when I see her in December. 😦  Waa.

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