Faithful to me

Josh and I have been visiting a church for a few weeks now called Vox Veniae and this morning during the service we sang a song from my past. It’s called Faithful To Me by Jennifer Knapp, and it’s a song that drew me to the Lord in a pretty amazing way back in High School when I was first exploring what it was to live as a believer. The lyrics brought back so much emotion and spoke so much truth, and somehow always seem to reflect how some part of me is feeling during every season of life. 

“All the chistles I’ve dulled carving idols of stone
That have crumbled like sand ‘neath the waves.
I’ve recklessly built all my dreams in the sand just to watch, them all wash

Through another day, another trial, another chance to reconcile
To one who sees past all I see.
And reaching out my weary hand I pray that you’d understand
You’re the only one who’s faithful to me.

All the pennies I’ve wasted in my wishing well
I have thrown like stones to the sea.
I have cast my lots, dropped my guard, searched aimlessly for a faith
To be faithful to me.”

What also really moved me this morning was the fact that the woman who wrote this song recently revealed that she is gay. I sat there thinking about her writing this song, feeling the weight of her secret and desperately wanting the acceptance of man. She learned as I did that what we’re all looking for is the Love of One who incapable of letting us down.

I am so grateful that God uses us in our weakness to do incredible things. The words to this song will be timeless in my life, and I applaud Jennifer’s humility and honesty. 

Hope you all find truth this week.

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