Happy birthday Stinker

One year ago the earth was graced with 11 little spotted puppies, born to their mama Shea in Battle Ground, Washington. It’s been so fun to get to see our little Henry boy grow into the 60 pound ball of energy that he is today. Heaven knows we were clueless about what we were getting ourselves into at the time..

The week before we took him home

Ahhhh I can't handle the cuteness!

What a hard life you lead

You are the best dog in the world, Henry boy! You bring so much joy and laughter into our lives, and always make sure I get plenty of exercise during the day chasing you around. We loooooove youuuuu!

I got the pleasure of spending this past weekend hanging out with some wonderful fellow bridesmaids who I’ll be walking down the aisle with in July for my dear friend Katie’s wedding. We left from Georgia and went to Myrtle Beach (my first time there) and pretty much had a blast. I’ve never been the only married gal at a bachelorette party, and let’s just say that we all got to know each other real fast. Katie has made some fabulous friends over the years and I’m so pumped to get to hang out with them again when she gets married. Considering the quality of people that will be in attendance, the amazing cathedral we’ll be in, and the fact that there’s an open bar, I’m pretty sure it will be the 2nd best wedding I’ve ever been to 😉

Can't beat the beach

wonderful friends

friends since high school 🙂

Leaving Georgia always leaves me so emotional. I didn’t feel ready to come back to Texas, as much as I missed Josh while I was gone. I remember going through this with Oregon too. I hate the part where your new city doesn’t feel like home yet, and how you just long for that feeling of belonging. I am ready to have a few good friends here to share life with. I also can’t wait for friends to visit us, because there is no better place to host people. This city rocks.

So here goes re-settling into my life here in Austin, which mostly involves taking Henry to the park every day and doing tons of errands. Still hoping and praying for God to show me what’s next for me as far as a job goes. Not too worried, though, since He’s never let me down before.

Yeehaw, Giddy  Up!


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