Deep in the heart of Texas

Man, oh man…Austin is such a cool city. If you haven’t been here, FLY HERE. Like book your reservations right now and come. It’s awesome.

Considering the facts that our stuff didn’t arrive until a week and a half after the moving company told us it would, and our apartment had fleas when we moved in, and it took 2 weeks to get internet hooked up, this whole “moving” experience this time around hasn’t been the greatest. BUT today I can officially declare with a happy heart that our little 2 bedroom place at Woodmoor Apartments is finally feeling like a home.

I know I talk about my dog a lot…but to be quite honest, my life revolves around him at this point so it won’t be stopping anytime soon. (Tune out the next paragraph if you’re sick of hearing about him) Here’s one incident with him that was not very funny at the time…

Henry is loving his new life of sunshine and swimming EVERY DAY! One particular afternoon we took him to swim at a beautiful, crystal clear stream that runs through the city called Barton Springs. There is a huge park built around it and so many people hang out there and swim on hot days. Well, everything is going great and Henry is swimming around and smelling all the new humans around him splashing around. Then all of a sudden I hear Josh yell “HENRY!!!! NOOOOO!!!!” and I, with the rest of the hundred people around us turn to see what is happening. Well my dog decided to poop in the shallow area of this mineral springs in the middle of a crowd of people. A very embarrassing walk of shame happened afterward as I searched the premises for a bag to scoop it out of the water. While I was doing this, Henry decided to poop AGAIN. At this point we were just speechless and all the moms were ushering their families out of the contaminated water. It was so not funny at the time, but now that I think back on it, I can finally smile a little bit and that bad feeling in my stomach from being humiliated is kindof gone.

In short, the food is amazing. Me and the sun are having a very passionate affair with one another. Josh loves his new job. Life is pretty great.

Since we finally got internet over the weekend, I guess I have no excuse but to start the job search. I could really use some prayer, considering I have absolutely no direction or idea of what I might like to do with my time in Austin. So yea…I’ll let you know how that goes for me.

Much love from a much tanner version of myself!

Some of the unbelievable food that Austin has to offer


The source of the incident with Henry and the poo.


The river that Henry has spent many blissful hours chasing frisbees


Me and Josh at a friend's lakehouse for Memorial Day


He found his heaven on earth.

3 thoughts on “Deep in the heart of Texas

  1. Jeff and Ashley says:

    so glad all is well in texas! oh how i’d love to see austin… and you guys!! sorry that henry embarrassed you, but what a story you have to tell! 🙂 i love love love the last photo of henry jumping in the water… i wonder if he’d teach lyric that. my one question is, how do you get him back home in your car? or are you close enough to walk? i had that same question when i saw the wonderful photo of him after his mud bath 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    Hahaha I never thought anyone would have wondered about that! So we have this amazing device called a pet barrier in our car, which keeps Henry locked in the very back and he can’t get onto any of the seats mwahahah! I cover the very back with a bunch of towels, and it does get pretty dirty back there, but it doesn’t really matter cause he’s the only one that goes back there 🙂

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