2300 miles later

Much to everyone’s surprise (especially my own) Josh and I survived 5 long days in the car with Henry. 

Here are the highlights, because who has time to explain the emotional roller coaster that is moving from a city you love to a state you’ve been to once in your life?

Henry was AWESOME. Seriously. He slept the majority of the time while we drove, and was such a good boy on all of our stops. I actually think I prefer traveling with a dog now, because of all the walking around it required us to do. We went to a few different dog parks along the way and let him swim in a couple rivers. He liked hanging out at the KOA cabins with us too. I’m gonna miss the calm dog that we took on the road 😦

On our Denver stop we got to visit with Josh’s old friend Kara who he met in Kenya a few years ago. I also got to meet up with one of my best friends’ fiancee who lives outside of Boulder Colorado. Always fun catching up with people you don’t see often.

I just love being on the road with Josh. He’s so laid back and fun to hang out with. I’m lucky to have such a great chauffeur to drive me across the country. 

We got to Austin last evening around 6 and sort of had the feeling of “now what?” We have no where to live (our apartment building is not letting us move in until later this week), no stuff (our POD with all of our belongings arrives on Thursday), and no plans whatsoever. Josh doesn’t start work until Monday, so the opportunities seemed endless until we called every cheap hotel/campsite in the austin area and NONE of them let dogs stay there. We were literally sitting at a restaurant wondering what we were going to do and where we were going to stay, when I heard my name called from a few yards away. There are 2 people I know in this entire city, and one of them happened to be eating at the same restaurant with her husband and some friends. They offered us a free (and pet friendly) place to stay, and we gladly obliged. God provides in really cool, unexpected ways sometimes.

So far, I’m really liking what I see. Austin has a really unique feel to it, and it actually reminds me a lot of Georgia with the trees and parks. The sun has been out since we got here, and we have been spending every second outside that we can. Glorious. I’m so thankful to be here, even though strong feelings of fear come over me about once every few hours. Austin will hopefully feel like home in no time. Now, if we can just make some friends…

Henry boy hanging out at one of the KOA cabins we rented

Me and my adventure buddy

Wide open spaces

Insanely beautiful waterfalls in Idaho

Celebrating our arrival to our new home with a Margarita at Red's Porch


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